Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel

Travelling with a conscious is at the very heart of travelling responsibly. It’s the realisation that tourism can both impact the country/area both positively and negatively, to respect the culture and people and giving back whenever you can.

A traveller going into another country is very much stepping into another world where culture, laws, way of life and way of thinking has a high chance of being difference from yours. It’s about not wanting to bring your culture over, but to share and to take their culture for what it is. Remember that for others, this is their way of life.

There has been an emphasis over the recent years about reducing your own carbon footprint whenever you can. One of my favourite and easiest  is to skip the taxi’s and choose local public transport. My best public transport experience of all time was on a bike rickshaw where I was holding on for dear life for the entire ride.

You can also buy local products, souvenirs and another favourite- stay in hotels/hostels/B&B’s run by locals instead of hotel chains. You will find the cutest of places, finishings with a touch of the local country, accommodating hosts and be supporting local business at the same time.

Intrepid Travel give more tips here about responsible travel and are one of the leading travel companies at the forefront of this. I’ve travelled with them twice and love their style of travel and how they try to make the trip as authentic as possible.

Next time you travel, had a quick think about how you can slide into the country’s lifestyle. And with this, I leave you with the old but never overused saying: “ Take only photos, leave only footprints”.


Picture: An awesome sign in the carpark of Delhi Airport.

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