How To Do Laundry When Travelling

Clothes drying in Varanasi along the Ganges

Laundry on the road

There may come times when you’re on the road, hoteling and need to wash your clothes. Options become quite limited and paying for your laundry at the hotel can be quite expensive. Local laundromats are an option (a very tempting option if there’s a cafe attached while you wait) but if you’re after something cheap and easy, let me share with you a way!

I learnt this way after finding it on someone else’s blog (which i can’t remember now) and have used it MANY MANY times.

All you’ll need is a towel and some shampoo.

1. Put in the plug and fill the sink basin with water, add your clothes and shampoo. I would give it a whirl/clothes a rub and some turning for good measure.

2. You can now leave it in there for a while. A good way to set it up is to do this before you get into the shower (if you only have 1 towel).

3. Drain and rinse all your clothes.

4. Squeeze your clothes dry and then using your towel, wrap your clothes with the towel and keep squeezing to draw out more water.

5. Hang clothes with coat hangers, chairs, door knobs, heaters etc. Remember to hang your towel too.

Ta da. Fresh smelling clean-ish clothes at the cost of almost nothing.

Happy clothes washing.


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