Travel Photo Peeves

Travel Photo Peeves

You take pictures all day and by the time you have a computer to flick through those holiday snaps. They’re shit.

We’re all guilty of them so let’s go through some of my favourites (complete with photographic examples).

Photo 1: The slanted photo
Low and behold the slant. You’ve got an iconic monument/food plate/faces and you start snapping because you’re in awe. The photos are shit because there are no parallel lines. Life is built around parallel lines. (India)

Photo 2: People Photo
You want to capture that perfect shot but hoards and hoards of tourist are also there after the perfect shot and soon you have yourself a people photo with a spec of that famous such and such in the background. (India)

Photo 3: Action Shot Photo
You’ve just seen something hilarious or something cool is happening and you take a picture. And they end up like Photo 3. Half in action and half not. (People shoveling snow off the roof of this building). (Finland)

Photo 4: Light is not your friend Photo
Accidently on the wrong settings, your camera thinks flash is the new black or black is the new black. And you get shit photos like this. For the record, that’s all fake snow. (Denmark)

Photo 5: Not the same Photo
Photo 5 is the worst of all. It’s the perfect picture photo but it STILL doesn’t capture the place. No pictures can do any justice and all you have is what you felt and your fading memory. (Switzerland)

What are other types of photo peeves out there? I’d love to hear them.


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