Sevilla: A personal struggle

I was recently in Seville, a town situated in south west Spain in the Andalusia region. Having arrived from milder cities of more wintery temperatures, I was greeted with 39-40 degrees during most of my stay in Sevilla.

Armed with no working knowledge of Spanish (bad bad pre travel prep), a previous week of no sleep, an ill situated hotel and the heat, I was pretty much set for a few challenging few days. I did however, still have my tourist hat on and a list of things I wanted to see so off I went into the blistering dry heat (after I bought a hat). After admiring the sights, moorish architecture, cobble stoned streets and quaint appartments- things start to become a tad more difficult that I’m normally use to.

The heat started to make me feel sick come 2pm with my hotel a good 20 minutes walk away from the tourist hub, winding narrow streets meant that I was also lost every time the street took a curve and ordering food with as much english as I could get away with.

But still, Sevilla’s newest fan,


Pictures (top to bottom): Moorish designs evident on this corner apartment on the main street in the city centre, the beautiful las setas otherwise known as metropol parasol and one of the many winding streets.

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