Climbing the Eiffel Tour- Paris

Eiffel Tour

Paris is pretty architecturally and there is nothing more quintessentially french than Le Tour Eiffel. Named after engineer Gustave Eiffel and opened in 1889, Le tour stands at 324 metres high and has about 7 million visitors annually.

As a France lover, climbing the Eiffel tower was on my bucket list. With everything in Paris, when you will arrive you will immediately notice the long queues for tickets and then another long queue for the lifts. Deterred by this line, i noticed that the queue for the stairs to climb the tower was non existent (I wonder why) and took this option.

There are 3 levels, where the first admission ticket lets you onto the 1st and 2nd floors. If you want to get to the 3rd, you’ll need to buy another ticket (which you can get on the 2nd floor). As i’ve decided to take the stairs from the ground. 704 steps later, i’m wheezing I have made it to the 2nd floor. The walk up the stairs lets you up close and personal with the metal parts where you hope Gustave is an excellent engineer and trust that the structure will not fall under you and the people who have stopped along the way to preserve their legs. Once you reach levels 1 & 2, the views are outstanding.

You could easily spend 1-2 hours admiring views from ground floor to 2nd. Take the lift up to level 3 and the views are even better! (last picture). Paris looks so orderly and white from the top with the major boulevards clearly seen going through the city. Should you decide to propose up here complete with a glass of champagne, be sure you’ve brought your extra arm & leg to pay for it.

Be prepared for the wind chill if you’re there in winter and be prepared for the crowds if you don’t want to take the stairs. It’s definitely one for the Paris list.


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