10 things that happen when you start learning another language

1. You start accumulating books in that language in the hopes that you’ll be fluent enough to read them one day. Or maybe it’s just me.

2. You will start to edge your new language into as much everyday conversations in your native language as you can. Some friends part take in this leisurely past-time. Whilst others just don’t understand what you’ve just said.

3. You start to become really fascinated with the culture, food, people and country. (if you weren’t already)

4. You will look lovingly at your colourful textbook with pretty pictures more than you ever did with high school compulsory reading books.

5. Your room starts to become adorned with lists of new words that you want to learn. This may creep into your bathroom as well.

6. When you hear that language you’re learning on the streets, you’ll immediately tune in to see if you can understand what they’re talking about. For me, that is usually no.

7. There will come a point where you decide it’s all too hard. And you no longer look lovingly at your textbook.

8. You get over it and push through until you reach another point where you think it’s all too hard again. This is where you try and find more fun and interactive ways to learn with varying degrees of success.

9. You dream of retiring in that country with your perfect idea of a perfect house with perfect food and a perfect lifestyle. Maybe that’s just me again but surely not?

10. You’re still learning new words and phases X number of years later. It’s a continual learning journey.


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