My Top 10 Language Learning Techniques

Apart from the standard textbook and classroom learning, here are some other techniques I have tried using or have heard of other people using.

1. Pick a word of the day and learn it, use it in sentences throughout the day so by the end of the week you’ve learnt 7 new words.

2. Use a whiteboard to write down words you’ve just learnt or words you want to learn. Having it visible will make you be able to remember it better.

3. Stick words up around the house/room. Change them once you’ve felt like you can remember them.

4. Read the newspaper in that language. If you’re still not that fluent, concentrate on a few articles (or 1) and try to learn as many words as you can.

5. Listen to the radio. If you don’t know about the TuneIn Radio app, it lets you listen in to other radio stations from around the world.

6. Watch the news on TV. I think the language used in news reports are a lot harder because of the types of words used but I feel it helps with listening.

7. Have shower conversations to yourself so that you can use the question and answer part of the conversation.

8. Kids books. I’m still struggling with reading kids books but small steps. Even better if you’ve read the book in your own language.

9. Find someone who is native in the language you want to learn who is currently in your city that you can have a casual conversation with so you’re using the language. One of the sites I use is

10. DUOLINGO. It’s one of my favourite apps of ALL TIME which you can use on the computer through their website and also on the app on your phone. It goes through vocab, listening, translating and some speaking.

Got anymore tips? Let me know.


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