4 days in Seville- Andalusia

I had previously blogged about my personal experiences in Seville here but how about I actually tell you about the town. I spent roughly 4 days in Seville and that was enough time to see the sights I wanted to see without venturing out too much out of town, so in order of picture:

1. Plaza de Espana. Is a few streets (~20-30 minutes walk) from the Alcazar and walking here will take you past the University of Seville. It is now Government buildings but was formally an exhibition centre. This building was also used in Star Wars films I and II! Not much is going on here, the time I went there was a group of people doing yoga.

2/3. On the list was the Alcazar which is a royal palace (currently in use) and formally a fort. This palace is said to be one of the best examples of mudejar architecture and one of the oldest palaces still in use in Europe. It wouldn’t be a palace without the extremely well kept garden, which is big enough for a stroll and a sit on a bench.

4. Artisan Market. This market was located in the square outside the Fine Arts museum (Museo de Bellas Artes de Sevilla) on a sunday morning selling paintings, drawings and hand woven/painted goods. It’s the perfect place to pick up some local work as gifts and I really wished I had picked up another scarf!

5. View from Giralda. The Giralda is the bell tower of the Cathedral and entry is allowed up the tower. On your way up, you get sweeping views of the cathedral roof architecture and at the top, sweeping views over the entire city. There is no air-con inside so plan your day accordingly if visiting in the summer. There are ramps all the way up (and subsequently down). The cathedral is the largest in the world and is actually breath takingly HUGE on the inside. Like it’s an illusion all right.

So these are the main attractions in town and I didn’t do them all in 1 day (do-able) due to the heat. What else have you done in Seville and what would you recommend?


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