Sevilla Feels


Those regulars of this blog will know that I have been to Sevilla before but in the middle of their summer which is NOT recommended. Sevilla is much nicer when the temperature isn’t in the mid-40 degrees celsius category. It is now one of my favourite towns. Safe for the single female traveller and you can be a tourist for a day and live like a local the next.


Strolling the winding streets is a must and crossing the bridge into Triana. It’s quite funny that no matter where you go, people affiliate themselves and others with where they live. This is much so between Triana and Sevilla. Trianans pride themselves as the home of flamenco and the accompanying singing and guitaring. On this particular trip, after having watched flamenco the previous year, really really really wanted to try a flamenco class. So I did and it was great fun! One major aspect of flamenco is that it is a dance style with a lot of emotion which for a first-time beginner, is hard to get and emulate!



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