Winter Words

This year has been like watching a slow motion car crash. I wake up every morning with abated breath at what news I will be reading and what has happend overnight. I find comfort in my morning tea. At least I have that.

The beginning of the year was filled with hope and aspirations like every other year. I wanted to have a career change this year and also have a career sabbatical of some sorts in Mexico at the end of the year. I know, I just want to do everything.

How these plans had changed 3 months into the year! I did have my career change. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a job through these times and am able to work from home. It’s not a very long contract so time will only tell whether there will be an extension or I will need to find another role. It’s also safe to say that I won’t be in Mexico any time soon. We are still not allowed to leave the country and I really don’t want to risk spreading anything to other countries and burdening their healthcare system.

Our current unemployment rate is estimated to be at around 7-8%, the highest it’s been in the last 20 years. The highest it’s been since I’ve entered the workforce. I know of people who have lost jobs and are trying to find jobs. It’s a trying time for many.

There is also this uncertainty with no end date. I think that’s the part that makes me anxious the most. The state of Victoria here have declared themselves as in a State of Emergency and the whole Melbourne area are in another 6 week lockdown. No-one is allowed further than a 5km radius from their home unless for food or medical attention and there is a night curfew. We’ve seen the start of a second wave in Sydney also but have not gone into lockdown at the moment in time.

As countries around the world try to deal with this pandemic- the ever winding wheel of politics still continues with the constant blame and provocation. We are in a pandemic! Your bravado and wanting to wield the world’s power can wait.

Yet throughout all this, I still have hope. Hope to better days, sunny days, kindness and laughter.

We are having a cold change at the moment here so I’m staying home and climbing back into my fleece blanket.

I hope you’re all keeping well. How are you feeling?

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