Review Of Using italki For Language Learning

I had finally decided to use italki.

Italki in an online platform where you can book sessions with language teachers (either professional or community) to learn another language. There are many many languages (apparently over 100!). There are many many teachers each with their own style of teaching. If you prefer conversational classes, there are certain teachers who will have those whilst others go through the whole grammar, listening and speaking tasks in a lesson.

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Each teacher has to upload an introduction of themselves so you can have a browse to see who would fit you best. Once you’ve decided, you can then book up to 3 trial lessons. These are 30 minute lessons which will allow you to trial a class with the teacher. These trial lessons are usually cheaper than the actual 30 minute lessons so it’s a great way to explore teachers first. The down side of course, is that you only get 3 so if you’re learning multiple languages, you might not get to trial lesson and just have to book in for a 30 minute lesson.

I’ve done a handful of lessons now and I have to say, I really like it and wonder why I hadn’t used this years ago. You can check the teacher’s availability and book in when it’s convenient for you. The good thing about having so many teachers to choose from is that if there are no convenient times for you with a teacher, you can filter for convenient times and keep searching until you find one.

I get homework from my teacher and notes sent over after the lesson so that I can review. Some teachers also do lesson packages.

Photo by Leonardo Toshiro Okubo on Unsplash

The classroom is built into the website so you just click to enter the italki classroom. My current Korean teacher prefers to use zoom but it’s pretty much same same to me. You confirm after the class if you had actually taken it and then are able to rate the teacher afterwards. You can see the teacher rating and also comments from other students to help you make your decision on which teacher you want to have.

The site sends you reminders for upcoming lessons and is very straight forward to use. If you’re interested, here is my referral link where after spending $20, you will receive $5 credit and I receive $10 credit.

Have you used italki before? What are your thoughts?

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5 thoughts on “Review Of Using italki For Language Learning

  1. Never used italki, but I’ve heard good things about it. I’ve only ever used Mango Languages for learning Italian and German, so I’ll have to look into italki for more language learning!

  2. Thanks for this review! I have thought about using italki for my Russian but never really did it! Since I already have proper classes, I wanted to try some conversational classes to improve my speaking skills but wasn’t sure if it was worth it. Now I might actually try it for real!!

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