About Me

The Blog
Lingo in Transit is a continuous life journey learning about other cultures, countries, languages and trying to lead a better life.

I write about my travel adventures (the good, bad, confusing and great) and my very own long journey in the language learning world of French and Spanish. The Juste Un Mot section delves into trying to lead a more conscious and environmentally friendly life. Let’s start a conversation.


The Author

I’m Sophie, a scientist by training I work full-time in research by day. I started this blog to document my travels and to be able to express myself more creatively. I’m a self confessed croissant connoisseur, winter lover, a coffee snob and tea enthusiast.

Hailing from Australia, in my spare time I’m learning french and/or spanish, having tea, admiring pretty things or out enjoying the sun.

I have traveled alone, with friends/family and solo in a group to see all the beauty our world has to offer. I want to find out how other people live, what others value and to appreciate the simple moments in life. I want to see things with my own eyes and make up my own mind about our world.

Thank you for stopping by!

Contact Me

Twitter: @lingointransit
Instagram: @lingointransit

To discuss collaborations please email: lingointransit [at] gmail [dot] com

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you for reading my post. I’m more of an armchair traveller these days, but can see the sense of shared car travel – while being VERY wary and careful about all the arrangements. Stay safe! And happy travelling. Cheers! x

  2. Hello.

    I read this: “my very own long journey in the language learning world of French and Spanish”. Sounds great. I just wonder if you have read my posts in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Her is one example:

    Reindeer2 are curious

    None of these languages is my mother tongue!

    Happy Sunday.

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