Catching the Cherry Blossoms in Daegu

The cherry blossoms. Need I say more. It’s that time of the year, where spring is officially here. I spent a weekend in Daegu and timed it to coincide with their peak cherry blossom blooms. It’s warmer down south of the peninsula and great to catch it there before it reaches Seoul and the surrounding areas.

One particularly good spot in Daegu is along the river near Ayang Bridge. One the side closer to the airport, the stream edge is filled with the light pink blooms. You can see them from a mile away. It’s a beautiful area to walk, not too busy and also a popular outdoor area filled with families, picnic-ers, couples and groups of elderly lunching with their friends.

Duryu Park

I also made a short visit to Duryu Park which is also suppose to have lines of cherry blossoms trees. I only walked into the park alittle as I was short on time but I think if you follow the path and everyone else, you’ll see the trees further into the park.

It is also worth visiting Ayang Bridge at night. The walkways are lit up near the bridge and if you keep following the path, there is a light show further down where they project the lights onto the cherry blossoms.

I haven’t seen so many cherry blossoms in one spot before. It was so beautiful, I honestly could have cried! When the wind blows, the tiny petals fall creating a shower of specks which made me feel like I was in an animation although this was real life!

The only 1 downside was that I don’t think my phone picked up on all the details enough and was overwhelmed by all the flowers and petals. I wish I had brought my camera.

Whilst there are some famous spots around Korea to catch the stream, path or road filled with cherry blossoms trees, they can be found in random places anywhere in Korea!


14 thoughts on “Catching the Cherry Blossoms in Daegu

  1. Spring is certainly here! I’ve been seeing a lot of my peers travel to Korea now and sharing photos of the sea of cherry blossoms all over. A lovely sight to see, and it makes the changing season all the more welcoming. 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s soooo beautiful! I think I would have nearly cried to ahah! I love cherry blossoms but I feel like the ones we have here in Europe are generally more of a bright pink!

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