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Slower Living

Everyone has an opinion about these lockdays.

I personally have been really liking this change. It’s forced me to slow down more and focus on refining what I do on a day to day basis. Being lucky enough to work from home, I just have so many more hours. I channeled my time into food and trying to eat better, making different recipes and trying new food combinations to ensure a balanced diet.

I had all these nuts in the cupboard which just taste so much better when they’re toasted! So I toasted almost everything that I had and placed them out in jars on the tabletop so that I could reach for them as a snack. They may be small but they are filled with so many great nutrients!

Next, was exercise. In the normal day to day grind of preparing to go to work, stressing in traffic and then having zero hours of the day left to yourself was a thing of the past. It’s so much quieter outside so I’m making the most of the early morning peace to start my days with a quick yoga session. I also try to go for a walk everyday- yes, when working full-time this is sometimes an impossible task.

Third was finding some inner peace. I’m not really sure how to explain it but having places to be, people to see and trying to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ (trying to keep up with what’s cool and happening) is tiring! I actually started this whole period keeping up with the news and wanted to know every hour what was happening in the world.
But I noticed I was in this cycle that wasn’t very productive for me. I don’t really need to know what is happening every hour! I’ve since limited my news exposure and checking once every few days is now enough to have a quick summary of what has been happening.

Instead, I’ve really enjoyed watering and looking out for new leaves in my indoor plants, tidying and finding new view satisfying ways to place things and simply enjoying the morning sun.

Have you created any new routines since being in lockdown? What have you changed in your life and/or want to change? I’d love to know!

New Year 2020 Vision

I know this blog has not been active in a few years but hey, a new year resolution starts strongest at the beginning of the year.

What drew me back was the writing and the thinking all whilst on a topic that i love: travel! I also really like looking back at my pictures which otherwise just sadly sit in a folder saved on a hard drive gathering dust in the desk drawer. It’s also the creativity that I think I severely lack in my everyday life.

I will add some language related posts and thoughts- the ongoing struggle of language learnings- 3 years later and am STILL learning. Maybe even attempt some posts in french or spanish but don’t hold me to that!

I did have a think on whether a youtube channel would work but I think at this stage and with what I have, a blog will serve better. I’ve renamed and have linked an Instagram account too! It may come as a shock but I actually don’t have a personal Instagram account so I did have to google how to post a picture (turns out you can’t post from a desktop….haha!).

So I hope you’re ready to head off to different places when you visit me here. It wouldn’t be a travel blog if you didn’t get to leave your seat, even if it’s just for 3 minutes.

Let me know what you’re biggest project is for 2020- let’s all join in on this together.