Vienna: A Sophisticated Capital.


Vienna is just alittle bit of a dashing city. Historical buildings ornately decorated, some even with gold, adorn this city which I would like to describe as the chic cousin of Prague. Despite the historical buildings somehow Vienna feels more like a metropolitan city than Prague did for me. How terrible am I, already comparing cities? After my early departure from the Alps, I had a week to explore Vienna. I know alot of people like to pash n dash a city whilst on holidays (and I completely understand it, I have had trips like that in the past), this trip was starting to become a nice ‘hang around for a while’ trip. I was concerned about what I would fill my week with in Vienna, there weren’t as many free tours available or cheap tours but I think you find more to see after marinating in a city and having the time to see or do all the little things that you might’ve passed up otherwise.


The city centre is easily navigated and public transport made up of the train, tram, bus and metro networks makes it easy and fast to get around. When I say easily navigated, ticket machines and maps are plentiful. The Viennese are a happy bunch and I found myself quite at home with the availability of international cuisine. I even got to satisfy my Pho craving (Vietnamese beef noodle soup, perfect for cold weather).

One of my favourite places was at the Deli in the Naschmarkt. This food market is located at the metro stop Pilgrimgasse on the U4 line. This turkish cafe has been running for 15 years and service is nice and quick. After eating supermarket breakfast for a few days, I thought I’d maybe pay more than 3 euros for breakfast. I was not disappointed at the Deli! There are alot of restaurants in the Naschmarkt that will make it difficult to decide which international cuisine you want and a stroll through the Naschmarkt will take you past spice shops, fruit and vege shops and heaps of middle eastern stores selling falafels and spreads.


Vienna is a huge city that can be explored by foot and all the historical sites tend to be situated quite closely. Even the museums have their own quarter (named Museumsquarter) so you can get museum-ed out in one go. I found Vienna to be a very safe city even at night. I was very thoroughly impressed.


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