7 Ways To Save Money While Travelling

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You’ve saved enough money for your airfares and are now trip planning on where you will stay, what you will see and what you will eat. We all like to save (more money to travel with!) so here are my learnt tips and tricks on how to save money while travelling.

Airbnb made breakfast
  1. Buy your breakfast from the grocery store
    Breakfasts are not cheap when eating out and in some cities, can be more expensive than lunch. Obviously, if you want to eat out at a cafe, by all means, but if you want to do half and half to save some extra cash, I find that this is super easy. Some yogurt, muesli, fruit or bread with a spread will cost you next to nothing and are also healthy choices.

  2. Buy your snacks at the supermarket too
    It is likely that you will be on your feet for most of the day and burning quickly through your breakfast and lunches so it’s always handy to have sometime in your bag. It’s cheaper than on street kiosks and specialty stores. Plus, you can bring some home to all your family and friends!

  3. Stay somewhere that has a kitchen
    Related to the point above, you can think about preparing more of your own meals if you have access to a kitchen where you can prepare hot meals and utilise a fridge to store food. This also increases what you can eat! Porridge, sandwiches, pasta dishes etc. At a minimum, I usually want to have a fridge to use. These accommodation choices can be a hostal, hotel, B&Bs or Airbnb. Accommodation options can be booked through Bookings.com.

  4. Make the most of free walking tours
    I love having a look at the available free walking tours in the cities that I will be visiting. I have found these very informative and great to get your bearings in a new city. Some of these tours are themed and will take you perhaps to suburbs or districts of a city that you would not have otherwise gone to- more things to see!. These are typically long so bring a good pair of walking shoes, water and snacks.

  5. Use shared transport options
    Transport to and from the airport is usually costly so I always try to find shared options if possible. In some cities, there will be public trains or buses whilst in others, these might not be available or they will not take you to where you are staying. There are usually private bus companies that you can book where you share with other travellers and the prices are alot cheaper than taking a taxi or uber. I have used these before and have found them to be reliable and safe. This does require some homework when trip planning! A good place to start is by looking on Viator.

6. Research your activities
Many museums and tourist attractions will have free entry once a month or on certain days. Have a look at the websites of where you want to go incase there are free days or evenings. These days will be popular so plan ahead what time you will go!

Chill out time in the park listening to music

7. Schedule in some chill out time
Something that I am now trying to do more often- schedule in some free time where you can just walk around town or sit in a park- anything that doesn’t cost money. I know we get so caught up in having to see everything when we go on holidays but there is some peace about enjoying and taking in our surroundings when abroad. Find a place with a great view or a great people watching spot and observe life.

Do you have any other ways you save money while travelling? Let me know in the comments!

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