Pandemic Deconfinement from Australia

Deconfinement: to be out of the state of confinement or restrained movement. (sortie d’un état de confinement où les mouvements sont restreints ; retour à une possible circulation des personne).

Our world here is slowly awakening from the social distancing measures that were put into place for COVID-19. Granted, Australia was lucky. Our Government had quickly closed our borders, carried out 14 days mandatory hotel isolation of guests arriving internationally and even closed domestic state borders. Offices were emptied as companies ordered their staff to work from home and the hospitality industry took a massive blow. Police were given the power to fine anyone outside or driving unless it was for one of the reasons listed under initial lockdown. Bars and clubs have been closed. Restaurants and cafes were takeaway only.

Over the past 2-3 weeks, restrictions have slowely being lifted although the 4 square metre rule (per person) seems to be staying. Restaurants and cafes are now allowed patrons with a maximum of 10 people capacity. I’ve noticed an increased in traffic and seen an increase in people dining out- people just keen to finally be able to catch up with friends and family again and to support our favourite local eateries. Even during lockdown, there was still such a strong demand for coffees and the weekly thai take-out.

There was a noticeable increase in the number of people out for walks, riding bikes and the local parks were the busiest I’ve ever seen during our lockdown. Finally! people had time to look after themselves and be with their families. Basic cooking supplies such as flour were stripped from the supermarket shelves as everyone went back to basics to create. Let’s also not forget about the toilet paper!

Since our supermarket shelves have started to be restocked now, I’ve noticed new brands being sold. Gyms and businesses had adapted to online classes and ordering. Companies have realised that their workforce were still working just as efficiently from home than in offices. It was like an awakening. I hope that we see a shift in town planning and how we live. Office spaces and large indoor gyms are not really needed anymore- could this pave the way for more urban green spaces?

I suspect everyone is still cautious about deconfinement.

Whilst wearing masks is not mandated in Australia, there are still a few people wearing them. Businesses have been adhering to Govenment regulations and I think people are glad to be doing their part and abiding by the rules that have been set for the general population. We were lucky here to still have been allowed outside to local parks and walks. Some state borders are still closed and there’s an emphasis on local tourism. I’m not really sure if this will kick off due to the large amount of unemployment that occurred and the general unease of the economic situation at present.

What are your thoughts on the deconfinement about to occur/occurring in your country? What are the general sentiments?

3 thoughts on “Pandemic Deconfinement from Australia

    1. Lingo in Transit

      One of the other Australian states is seeing a second wave and are locking down again. Thank you so much for your kind words. Likewise, you’ve written about so many great places, looking forward to catching up on all of them!

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