Outside My Plane Window

I use to fly regularly on domestic trips for work. Red eye flights. I was one of those people who would be asleep even before the plane took off in the early hours of the morning.

Despite having to fly often, I never tire of being on planes. I love being in the clouds and the views that you get to see. A different perspective of the world. It is truly one of the joys of flying.

Flying over northern NSW in Australia
Somewhere over Europe

I’ve come to accumulate a collection of plane window pictures. On long haul flights, I prefer the aisle so I can get up and walk and make bathroom trips without having to climb over others. On shorter flights, I will book a window seat. Two flights I’ve taken have been quite memorable to me and I always think back to these when I think about flying.

Flying out of Rovaniemi, Finland at night
I didn’t have a window seat and am still to this day annoyed at myself for not leaning over the person next to me to take a picture. I was told that if I was to fly in or out of Rovaniemi at night, to look outside when flying over the city centre as the street lights are in the shape of a reindeer. I was skeptical, it all depends on which direction the plane is taking off or landing from. Something that I definitely do not research in my spare time. Would I even look out the window at the right time?
As we were ascending, I decided to look out the window. Just incase. And there was a reindeer made out of street lights looking back up at me.

Flying over Santiago

Flying from Santiago to Sydney
This trip home was particularly long. Having started my return flight to Sydney from Lima, Peru, I arrived in Santiago a day after the 2019 protests and curfew had been announced. I spent hours in the Santiago International Airport waiting for airline staff to arrive and to get tickets for my next flight- if there would even be a flight. Many flights had been cancelled with lack of planes and crew and I was preparing myself for the news that there would be no flight and I would be sleeping in the airport.

I was so relieved to get onto the plane for our 15 hour flight. That was a first. We took off as scheduled and it was seamless. During one of my walking breaks on the flight, I noticed that some people were looking out the window and I also came in for a look. I had the pleasure of having such a view of ice sheets below us! From the flight route map, we were flying quite close to Antarctica.

It was a beautiful sight- to see just ice sheets for a while. It was somewhat an optical illusion. It looked like we were at a height that a helicopter would be at but I’m sure we were much much higher. It reminded me of why I like being on planes so much and how much of a privilege it is to be able to be.

What are some of your favourite views from the plane window? Are you a window or aisle seat person?

Flying over the Norwegian Fjords

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7 thoughts on “Outside My Plane Window

  1. Spectacular shots!! No matter how many times I’ve done the Santiago to Sydney flight or even vice versa I never fly over Antarctica. Or maybe I’m too engrossed in a movie to notice 😂

  2. pinaymama@sg

    The view of the ice sheets is very cool 🙂 I’m more of a window seat person too, unless travelling alone!

  3. I understand very well what you are writing. I did many trips by aeroplane for my former job mostly to Oriental countries, but also to Mexico D.F., Veracruz and Merida (Yucatan), all 3 arroports in Mexico. And leaving Mexico D.F. shortly before midnight in April 1999 and looking on this endless ocean of houses and lights was most spectacular and simply unforgotten. 🙂

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