Blogmas 2020- Day 23: End Of Blogmas

It is the end of my blogmas! That was harder than I thought it would be and I now know why bloggers are drafting blog posts well in advance of December. But here we are, a few days out from Christmas. I hope you’re in the full swing of the Christmas spirit. I’ve been decking my eyelids out in some glitter because there’s not enough glittery shimmer at any other time of the year. My end of year break is well under way and despite it raining (and more pandemic cases)- my Christmas spirit cannot be dampened!

I hope that you find some peace during this time of the year. It will certainly be quite different for most of us. Whether it be spending time with family, alone or adopted family or having your plans undergo some last minute changes due to what is currently happening, I wish you many smiles and an e-hug.

Thank you for reading along during Blogmas 2020 and hopefully dancing alittle. It made me ensure that I kept in mind the process of being creative, keeping in mind the small things in life and being pensive in the crazy rush to the end of year. Why does time seem to get faster as the year progresses?

Whether you’re now recipe planning and prepping, have it all sorted or are doing the last minute scramble- I hope you have a lovely Christmas (or holiday season)! Look after yourselves!

15 thoughts on “Blogmas 2020- Day 23: End Of Blogmas

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