Hello 2021

Happy New Year Everyone!

I rang in the New Year asleep as I normally do. Staying up late is just not my thing and I don’t want to start the New Year feeling slugish. It’s so ironic that we want to start the year fresh, motivated with our New Year resolutions yet there’s such a general culture of staying up late, parties and drinks to wake up late, groggy or hungover on the 1st.

Am I optimistic about this year? Hmmm, not sure. There was a hype at the beginning of every year of all the possibilities that the new year will bring. I think I’ve taken off my rose coloured glasses, the start of 2021 will be much like what the end of 2020 brought. We still can’t travel, economies are rumbling along on wooden wheels and the pandemic is still rampant (amongst other world happenings). Here, masks are now mandatory in indoor spaces like supermarkets, public transport and beauty salons following an increase of cases over the Christmas holidays. I don’t even know which state borders are open to who at the moment.

I had 2 weeks off work which felt like a lifetime ago now and it was such a pity that it rained most of that time during the 2 weeks. The last thing I wanted to do was spend more time indoors!

If 2020 taught me anything, it was that it’s important to remain adaptable and to keep growing. I have regularly made myself New Year Resolutions with varying degrees of actually completing them. Some of them are quite loose like “read more” or “minimalise” whilst others are more targeted “save X amount”. I like the mix of goals and I don’t want to feel guilty and stressed about reaching my list of resolutions. It actually doesn’t bother me that much but I like having goals to work towards and focus my energy on in all aspects of my life.

Do you make New Year resolutions? What do your resolutions consist of? How are you feeling at the start of this New Year?

4 thoughts on “Hello 2021

  1. Like you, I went to bed before midnight on NYE; I’m not THAT old, but the appeal of staying up until the New Year (especially at home) really isn’t there. I’ve personally stopped making NY resolutions a while ago, just becausd I believe that we shouldn’t be starting goals on a specific day of the year, but rather it’s an ongoing process; you can honestly make resolutions throughout the year!

    Personally, I believe that 2021 won’t be anything exciting, as we’re still battling COVID-19. I believe it’ll be more of a “transitional” year than anything else. We’ll have to see, I guess, but here’s to staying safe and healthy through it all. Travel will be a possibility soon!

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