Birds Eye View From The Sydney Tower Eye

One humble evening in October 2020, I decided to go and get Maccas (or McDonalds) for dinner. Little did I know that this humble evening would lead me to the tallest building in Sydney. Maccas were running their annual monopoly game where eligible purchases means you get ticket stubs where you can potentially win free meals or even a some money.

I peeled off the ticket stubs that were on the drink carton and burger box. Who knows, maybe I did win a free filet o fish (my fav) or a million dollars.

And I did win something! A single admission to the observation deck in the Sydney Tower Eye (formally known as the Centrepoint Tower)!

Completed in 1981, the tower stands at 309 metres and offers a 360 degree view over Sydney. The admission to the observation deck is purely for the deck. There’s also the option to add on a Skywalk which is a guided outdoor walk complete with harnesses. There’s also the Skyfeast, a restaurant on a different floor to the observation deck that offers a revolving view. Reservations are to be made in advanced.

We’ve had a very rainy summer here so it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I booked in my spot. With the same luck on my side, the weather held up well. Booking was easy online and you can select the time you want to visit. What a dilemma, was morning going to be nice, lunch or evening? There are timeslots every 15 minutes that you can book with the first being 10am and last being 6:45pm. Once at the deck, you can stay as long as you want. The tower closes at 8pm and contains a small snack counter. There are plenty of window seating and couches to take in the view.

I booked at 5pm time slot and ended up staying until they closed at 8pm to be able to catch sunset. Enjoy!

View towards the East and the sea
Looking green thanks to a very wet summer

15 thoughts on “Birds Eye View From The Sydney Tower Eye

  1. Lucky you! I love those beautiful pictures. Also, I didn’t know that people in Australia call McDonald’s Maccas xD Actually in Japan, we call it “Makku” or “Makudo”

  2. Intriguing post box and excellent views. There is a tower in Melbourne that is similar with good views and having been to that one, it seems that the cbd in Melbourne is larger than Sydney! Weird.

  3. I’ve heard of the “London Eye” in London itself (and have seen it when I visited), but I had no idea of its Australian counterpart! The views look just as good, if not better, than those in London, and I’d be keen on going to Australia just to check them out! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. Beautiful! So cool that you won a ticket to visit that place! I love watching cities from above, especially if that means being able to catch the sunset – which is sometimes hard in a city! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pics 😍

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