Minimalist Make Up

I’ve recently been on a decluttering journey. The most recent was my make up. After a year of not going anywhere, I was sure that there were some tubes that would need to go. Make up doesn’t have a very long shelf life but yet it’s so easy to buy multiple shades of items or buy something “for an occasion” and then not using it again.

Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash

I want to be more intentional in every aspect of my life and this includes my make up.

I’ll admit, I’m actually not very good at make up. I can’t get an eyelash curler to work with my lashes and I don’t like to wear foundation. I don’t care for lipsticks anymore and I have once gone to the local cosmetics store asking the assistant for help at how to stop mascara from smudging all over my eyes.

What I have learnt about make up, is to write in texter on the label the month/year I opened the product so I can keep track on how long I’ve had items for. It’s amazing to look in your collection and then realise how much time has passed with a product. The only item I don’t do this with is mascara which I change quite often as I am a contact lens wearer.

What I got Rid Of:

  • Stila Glitter Eyeshadow which was dry
  • Rimmel translucent powder which I opened in 2017 and haven’t really used as I like another product more
  • MaxFactor Blush which I opened in 2017 and also haven’t really used as I like another product more
  • Revlon Matte Lipbalm which I opened in 2016! Again, not used that much as I’ve stopped wearing coloured lips
  • Maybelline Master Precision Eye Liner which I haven’t used in ages and can’t remember when I started using this
  • Clinique Eye Pencil which was a free sample but I never used it and it doesn’t twist up/down anymore

Moving Forwards:

As much as I would like to make my collection more natural and eco-friendly, I’m not in the position financially to do this. So far, I’ve chosen to have my lip balm and deodorent products be natural. I think I’m also past the stage of experimenting with colours and products and have my favourites now that I will keep going back to when I need more. And I need to stop buying backups.

How has your make up routine/collection changed?

15 thoughts on “Minimalist Make Up

  1. I never wear eyeshadow and mascar used to make my lashes fall out! I only wear a light tinted moisturizer these days. You are right about the products collecting in your bathroom. Writing the date on the tube is a great idea. They should have a use by date printed on them.!

    1. I had the lashes falling out too but I think I’ve a company now that doesn’t cause that. There is only that little 12M or 36M which I suppose will give an indication of expiry, but you would only know it if you had written the date you opened it down!

  2. Great post! I also had to throw out a glitter eyeshadow as it dried out but I was so sad because I loved it and it was actually quite expensive 😭 I am terrible at make up (I either can’t do it properly or can’t be bothered), but sometimes I wish I had more occasions (post pandemic) to wear something a bit more “extra”!
    I do however always have my staples which I could never go without: my powder foundation (super light and breathable but still effective), my eyelash curler (without it my eyelashes would be invisible) and my trusty mascara!

    1. I was sad at having to through out this glitter eyeshadow too because it was such a beautiful colour and also on the expensive side. It was abit too much for everyday wear haha (which is a real shame!). The good old trusty staples. Do you always get the exact same powder foundation and mascara?

      1. Exactly, but glittery eyeshadow is definitely not something you can wear everywhere sadly 😂 Yes, now that I found some that I really like (and are “clean” and natural), I always go with these ones!

  3. In contrast, I have a small, portable box of make-up that I use, so there’s not much I need to declutter (perhaps only switch out when it gets too old). I honestly didn’t get into make-up until just a couple of years ago, so I’m still learning how to apply it today. Otherwise, I don’t wear it 95% of the time, and prefer to go bare with my “au naturel” beauty!

  4. A good post!
    When it comes to buying make-up items. Nowadays, I try to be calculative. Being said that in the past I have trashed many eye palettes, lipsticks, and singe shadows, etc knowing that I have barely used them. I felt very bad when I was counting the money I spent on those. After that, I try to maintain makeup items in my bag.

  5. I’m in a similar mode. Almost all of my make-up is way too old to use and has to be tossed. I am keeping mascara, which I back-up purchased and hasn’t been opened yet. I’m leaning towards getting neutral eye shadows and liners, a couple of lip pencils and 2 clinique glosses and that will be it.

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