Getting Lost On Purpose

Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference

Robert Frost

It always seems that society thrusts a map in the hands of everyone dictating what they should do. It’s the acceptable path to take. Why would you possibly need to stray for this?

It’s so ingrained in some of our culture and way of life now that you wouldn’t know if you don’t know. Maybe this map is needed, maybe it’s needed some of the time or maybe we’re blindfolded.

I like many, have walked with this map in my hands. I went to university straight out of school and then got myself a job right after university. But along the way, getting to travel gave me the permission to get lost. On purpose.

To explore all the left and right roads. To look around corners, up high in churches and cathedrals. Underground in bunkers and tunnels. To soak it all in and be surrounded by hidden stories and current stories. The what ifs and dreams. Following the whispers of your soul.

Bury that map away and make your own. Maybe you need to get lost.

5 thoughts on “Getting Lost On Purpose

  1. I followed a similar trajectory: I worked hard to get into a good university, got my university degree, and got a job straight out of school. However, it was actually through my first job post-grad (ESL teacher in France) that I got an incredible opportunity to travel and “get lost” through it all. Traveling solo taught me to focus on the process, rather than the results, and I found myself with countless memories and experiences along the way. This is something I strive to do, even now with a 9-5 job!

    1. It must’ve been such an amazing and eye opening experience! I completely agree with what you learnt from solo travel. Hoping you are on track to balance the 9-5 with getting lost again soon!

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