2D Greem Cafe, Seoul

The orange latte was brilliant

Coffee and cafe culture is huge in Korea. There are so many cafes everywhere and most of them if not all are aesthetic in one way or another. One cafe however, is not like the others and that is the Greem Cafe. The concept of this cafe is 2D. So everything in the cafe pretty much follows this theme from the floor, chairs and plates. It makes for an interesting and fun experience while being able to also get some cool photos.

Another thing about cafes, particularly the popular ones, avoid during weekends! There will be lines and a maybe even a long wait. It is best to try and go on a weekday if you can.

I went on a weekday during the school holiday and arrived quite soon after it opened. As you can probably tell from my pictures (lack of wide view pictures), there were already a few people there. The cafe serves mostly drinks and cafe although there was 1 type of sandwich on offer. It was a very cool cafe but due to the popularity of the place, probably not one that I would go back to.

Address: Seoul, Mapo-gu, Seongmisan-ro, 161-10 카페 1.5층

8 thoughts on “2D Greem Cafe, Seoul

  1. I do love a good café for its food and ambiance! The 2-D café sounds cool, although I agree with you that it’s best to go on a weekday, outside of the holidays…that orange latte looks so pretty: I got an orange latte close to home here, but wasn’t half as nice as yours!

  2. Hi Sophie, I really love the aesthetic of this cafe, it is cool. I have been reading your posts but can not respond or comment when I read them on my mobile phone due to some wordpress glitch. The error message is that I have to log in but I am already logged in. Weird.

  3. That’s amazing! I think I saw videos or pictures of this place on Instagram a while ago – and it seemed to be incredibly popular, but you really understand why! It really seems, at least from the pictures, that everything is in 2D! How is the food there? Sometimes in very popular places the food lacks quality, so I wonder if it is the same for this one! The orange latte looks delicious though!

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