6 Months In South Korea

When someone recently asked me how long I have been in Korea for, I had to count as by now, I have lost track of all time. I can’t believe I’m in my 6th month here already! There is some truth then that time flies when you’re having fun.

Winter has officially started by the calendar but right now we are enjoying the end of the Autumn weather and landscapes. There has been the odd day where day temperatures have hovered around 10C but real winter weather has barely begun. The seasons change so quick here and it seems like it was eons ago that I sweating through sickening humid afternoons with my hand held fan. For the whole month of October, I barely spent my weekends in my home town and instead have been out and about getting to events and trying to see as much of the Autumn leaves as possible. I feel like I’m always running against time.

For the next month or so, I have no travel plans as I tentatively await the winter temperature hoping my Aussie ass will be ok. With the great differences in temperature in this country, it is then no surprise that some buildings aren’t that well equipped for winter. For example mine. The windows are 2 paned but still quite airy. Here, placing bubble wrap onto the window in winter is a thing. I’ve already got most of my window covered and am now trying to plug all the drafts that I can feel in my apartment.

My sister arrived in Korea in October to stay for a while and it’s been nice having family here and someone to do all these weekend trips with for a change.

I’ve loving the convenience of living here. How you can get pretty much anything you need quite easily and quickly. The food is great, affordable and there are no shortages of places to visit. Back home in Sydney, I could pretty much tell you all the major events that were happening in the city at any one time. Here, there is so much going on it’s hard to even remember (not to mention all the major events that are announced in Korean only).

I also like being able to easily get around without a car. Something unheard of back home. Public transport here is quite cheap with a single bus or metro ride costing under $2. I can get into Seoul for under $3 and it’s about 1 hour away.

6 thoughts on “6 Months In South Korea

  1. Wow, 6 months already?? It really went by so quickly! It’s great that your sister joined you on your adventures, sharing great memories like these is always really exciting. I love places where you can easily get by without a car, and most cities in Europe (if not all) are like this, but I didn’t know it was the same for Seoul! Good to know! 😛 how much longer are you staying?

    1. It has. During the pandemic, time went so slow but since things have picked up, time has gone so quick! Seoul and the major cities in Korea are easy to get to and then within each city, the bus system is great. I’ll be here for at least 6 more months.

  2. Doesn’t time fly, Sophie? I am so envious of the public transport systems in many Asian countries. We really drew the short straw here, didn’t we? Of course, the sheer volume of passengers must help keep costs down, yes?

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