Winter is here

Last week it snowed for hours in the morning which stayed around for the rest of the day. I stood by the window watching the snowflakes blow around and rain down.

I took many pictures and videos sending them back home to my family and friends proclaiming that IT’S SNOWING. After it stopped, I went out to walk around and also to get some food.

It hasn’t snowed as much since then but it’s forecasted to snow again this week. It is currently -9C at 11am but sunny with blue skies.

I love winter.


13 thoughts on “Winter is here

  1. Winter is my favorite season, as I prefer cold weather. Snow is another story, though, haha: as much as it’s really pretty to look at, navigating it while outdoors can be a struggle, especially if you’re not accustomed to it having grown up in a snowless part of the country! I hope you continue to have a wonderful (and cozy) time in Korea!

    1. I’ve always preferred winter and am so excited to be experiencing a truly cold winter. Yes, with freezing temperatures and even little snow, it is already causing warnings to be issued about icy roads. Thank you!

      1. Then 2023 will be an exciting time for you! I imagine you will be trying to make the most of the remaining six months! Have fun. I can’t wait to see where you will be next!

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