Garden of Morning Calm Light Festival, South Korea

Over winter, the Garden of Morning Calm hosts a light festival. In mid December, I joined a whole day tour that included the gardens as part of it. I have honestly not seen anything on this scale before. There was snow just a day or 2 before so we were greeted with a white cover to complement the lights and features.

The Garden of Morning Calm is a private garden open to the public with an entry ticket of about 8,000won. The garden, I’ve been told, is beautiful all year around however I imagine Spring would be particularly nice.

Apologies in advance for some blurry photos (all part of the travel experience). It was about -12C by night and my gloved hands were staying gloved!

There were different areas whose names all escape me as I was more concerned about making it around in the time we were allocated and also trying to get pictures. Korea is big on the ‘instagrammable pictures’ so there were plenty of instalments to pose inside or infront of. My favourite area was the one below with lights and these glass looking sculptures suspended in the trees.

It was a great place to visit in winter but if you’re making your own way there, I would advise that you also see something else nearby to make your trip worthwhile. If you are like me and would rather a tour take care of it all, check out Trazy or Klook for possible tours.

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11 thoughts on “Garden of Morning Calm Light Festival, South Korea

  1. ThingsHelenLoves

    How beautiful! I’ve been to some light trails in the UK but nothing on this scale. Korea brings the magic. The photos are fantastic- especially for being so cold!

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