South Korean Life Update- 9 months

I’m currently in the calm before the storm. I’ve decided not to renew my contract (I hadn’t planned to but there is a joke here that many people plan to stay 1 year only and then end up staying longer) and have notified my school making it official official.

I have mixed feelings. I have loved living and working here and being an English teacher. I haven’t missed home one bit but my brain keeps thinking about having a better pay check and maybe buying a home. Both of which I cannot do here so easily. I guess we will see how it plays out and I can always come back if that is what my heart desires.

But also, sometimes the good times don’t have to last and cannot last and maybe it’s better to end the Korean chapter on a good note.

So with 3 months to go, this is what life is looking like here:

  • My last semester of teaching is going to be insane
    We are currently down a foreign teacher at school so we will be covering some elementary school classes next semester on top of our current middle school classes. It’s going to be different as both departments run differently and having to adapt and adjust to both might be a challenge. The energy level required to work with elementary aged students is going to be a change from middle school students in a good or bad way, I’m not sure! Since I was told, my sleep hasn’t been that great because I’m thinking and worrying too much about it. Argh!
  • My closest friends will be leaving
    I don’t have THAT many friends but the close ones that I have made, are also coming to the end of their time in Korea so there will be some goodbyes coming up too. We’re from all different countries so it will be bittersweet saying goodbye but also knowing that we have shared memories here in Korea. I guess we can always meet up back here one day again.
  • Last travel trips
    My list of things to do and places to see feels like it’s still never ending. I’m probably not going to get around to doing everything that I have wanted but I will try! I’m prioritising and also trying to stagger my trips so that I will have enough energy to work, rest and then see these places on the weekend.
  • Using up and selling items
    I’m going to need to leave with what I came with so home appliances will need to be sold or given away. I’m trying to consciously use up everything now and not to buy anything more so that I can have an easier time in the coming months. Same for food and my plant babies will need a new home.
  • Admin
    There is going to be some admin coming up too with ending phone and internet contracts, getting paperwork for home and also sorting out banking which I’m dreading. Banking here is linked to your resident card and phone number so once I leave, I need to make sure I’ll still be able to access my bank account somehow to make those last transfers. I currently have the app on my phone albeit it is all in Korean and I need to screenshot everything to translate it (#koreanexpatlife). I hate anything that I have to do over an app so hopefully I can sort out being able to do transfers over internet banking (which I have unsuccessfully done so far as it requires computer program downloads and a digital certificates to access etc).
  • Taking it all in
    I feel like since I have arrived, I have been on the go trying to make the most of my time here and working. I can barely even remember what my early months were like and even autumn felt like a lifetime ago now. I have days where I still can’t believe I’m in Korea and thought that I would have gotten use to it by now as it has been my reality for a better half of a year already. But I still have days where I can’t believe it. I’m also going to need to quiet all my inner questions.

I’m sure my last time left will be amazing with plenty to still smile about and adventures to be had. Time to plan what skincare products to leave with.


5 thoughts on “South Korean Life Update- 9 months

  1. Definitely a bittersweet feeling. Living abroad certainly leaves a mark on you, and leaving that and going into the unknown with the future can be daunting. I hope whatever happens, you will make the most out of the remaining three months in Korea– onwards and upwards!

  2. Wow, that’s a lot to do and those last 3 months will probably fly by! Leaving a place where you’ve lived for some time is always bitterweet, and all the admin stuff definitely doesn’t make it easier! I hope everything will go well for you teaching elementary students, but I’m sure it will be better than what you think! From my experience, they are much more eager to learn and enthusiast! Have a great last 3 months!

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