A short trip to Gangneung

Not exactly the right time to visit Gangneung, I decided it was time to go and booked a quick trip to sit by the beach. Gangneung is located on the east coast of South Korea, a beach side town with what I imagine would be a great summer destination. It takes 2hrs on the KTX train to get there from Seoul Station. Accommodation just by the beach, seafood restaurants and cafes too many to count, I was hoping for a relaxing time to stay still.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived in Gangneung, was how much more scarce public transport was. Regardless, it was still ok to move around without a car although it would have been easier with a car.

My accommodation was near the beaches so I headed there to find lunch and walk along the beach. My travels were aptly timed to a cold wave so the day time temperatures were between 12 to 15 degrees C. There weren’t that many options but I found a burger place for lunch (which was not good) before walking along the beach and finding some benches to sit on.

Seafood dinner success

After checking in and resting a little, I decided to find some sort of seafood after searching for restaurants and having to scroll past all the king crab and raw fish places which appear to be catered for groups. I found a Japanese place nearby called Rui that sold individual dishes which was exactly what I was looking for.

After dinner, I did another beach walk to watch the skies change to night and the building lights come on. I went to a cafe to have some dessert (because holidaaaays). Walking back to my hotel, there were families and friends letting off fireworks on the beach.

The next day, I found myself a brilliant brunch place called 카피 밀 (Coffee Mill) which served up the type of breakfast I was looking for. I decided to then walk towards the Arte Museum and passed the Heo Gyun Heo Nanseoulheon Memorial Park. Not wanting to just pass by, I entered the Memorial Park to have a look around. Heo Gyun is a Korean novelist and politician during the Joseon Dynasty and author of Tale of Hong Gildong.

The Arte Museum is a multimedia exhibit with different rooms with different projections. It was interesting but I’ve seen something similar elsewhere so the only room that got my attention was the room with laterns and mirrors. I wished they had seats around so that we could sit down to enjoy the different projections.

It was so nice to slow down for this weekend and it was much needed.


8 thoughts on “A short trip to Gangneung

  1. How do you eat that salmon dish in your pic – are you supposed to put the salmon in the sauce (soy?) on the right, in order to “cook” it or do you just eat it raw? (with chopsticks?) 🧐 It looks good, but without instructions, I think I’d be left starving! 😁

  2. Despite visiting during off-peak season, you had the advantage in barely any crowds! Gangneung looks lovely, with a cool, almost somber atmosphere that reminds me vaguely of the Normandy beaches in France. The seafood and Arte Museum look to be successes, and I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself in Korea!

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