Hong Kong Markets

On my most recent trip to Hong Kong, I had a few markets I wanted to have a look at so here they are.

First up, there is the Goldfish market located on Tung Choi Street North, Mong Kok. This is not so much a ‘market’ but actual shops (after shop) selling not only goldfish but other fishes and also turtles. Pretty sure these the fish don’t like to be in plastic bags alone but it’s a sight to see.

A few streets away, the Flower Markets are in full bloom (get it?). Located on Flower Market Road, Prince Edward, you will find store after store of assorted flowers, cactus, succulents and bees flying to and fro (yes!), which, is a good thing considering our worldly bee shortage. This was the first time I had seen certain plants as well, excellent way to turn a grumpy day into a good one starting at the Flower Market.

Right off the Flower Market is the Bird Garden (or market) located on Yuen Po Street, Prince Edward, which does indeed sell birds. I didn’t have a look at it due to time (it looks like it’s located within a park) so unfortunately I don’t have any pictures but I’ve seen some floating around and it looks like it’s something to see.

The closest MTR stations to this area are Prince Edward or Mong Kok East.

Other markets that draw in the crowds are the Ladies, Temple Street Night and Jade Markets. For the whole list of other markets, check out this page from the Hong Kong Tourism site.

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