Day trip to Tai O, Hong Kong

I had always pictured Hong Kong to be a concrete jungle but, it certainly has more to offer. Located on Lantau Island, the fishing village of Tai O is the home of the Tanka people where the iconic traditional stilt houses lie. It was on my list of things to see and also a nice change from the bustling city.

Tai O is a great day trip from the city which also offers hiking trails for those interested. Along the main street, there were many vendors smoking squid and stalls selling dried seafood. You can see the traditional wooden stilt houses here still.

Barrels containing shrimp paste
Baskets to dry out the shrimps

As you walk towards the Old Tai O Police Station following the water (now converted to the Heritage Hotel, which HINT: has an nice balcony to look at the above view from), you are met with the smell of shrimp paste (in those blue barrels) and open houses allowing you a peep in, before you are offered beautiful coastal views by the hotel. It was nice to be surrounded by such a contrast of the green hills, water and residential houses.

Boat rides to try and catch sights of the pink dolphin are also offered where the bus terminus is if you want to do that as well.

You will need a whole day here and maybe more if you wish to hike and to get here, take the MTR to Tung Chung station and then take the number 11 bus to terminus, which is about 50 minutes. It’s a nice day out particularly if the weather is good to have a break from the skyscrapers of down town.

Have you been to Tai O? Would you recommend it?

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