Day Trip To Cheung Chau from Hong Kong City

Home to the Bun Festival, my visit to Cheung Chau did not even scratch the service of what this island has to offer. Every time I go on family trips, I feel like I’m not as prepared as I would normally be if I was travelling alone. So this was a day trip on a whim and was just to see something different in Hong Kong. Once you arrive, you will see just how much seafood is around! Whether it be street vendors selling it, or layers out drying in the sun, there is just no shortage of things to eat here.

We did see buns the size of human faces and I wanted to try one but the having lunch bit and getting lost meant that I didn’t have the opportunity to try them. There are bucket loads of sea food is to be had in one of the many seafood restaurants lining the streets. I couldn’t get my hand on a physical map but, on the island maps located around, there looked to be beaches, temples, hikes, caves and pavillions dotted around. My family member and I ducked into this food court for some delicious seafood noddle soup.

I think if you want a thorough exploration, you will need at least a day. Bike rentals is also a big thing on this island but beware, there are also a lot of pedestrians (until you get away from the shops and then it seems like bikes would be handy to get you around faster). To get here, work your way to the central ferry piers to take the ferry to Cheung Chau. There are alternating fast and slow ferries. The fast ferry will get you over in approximately 40 minutes.

Have any of you been to Cheung Chau? What did you think?

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