Chasing the Nobel Prize in Stockholm and Oslo

Being in science means that there are countless of Nobel Prize jokes going around so when I was in Scandinavia a few years ago, visiting every possible Nobel related venue was on my list of things to see (nerd alert).

First stop was the Nobel Museum in Stockholm located in Gamla Stan. The museum is a great starting point as it goes through the history of the prize and all the previous winners. The museum is a mix of objects previously owned by Nobel Prize winners and touch screens (quite cool) if you want to read up on winners. There’s also a movie room that runs short clips about the life of different Nobel Prize winners. Probably not that best suited for younger children but definitely for everyone else.

Next, Stockholm City Hall where the Nobel banquet. You can only visit inside with tours. Tours are run throughout the day and I think it’s worth the price because the interiors are amazing and the tour was very informative about what goes on in each of the different rooms. The Gold Room was such a sight and my favourite. You can also take another tour up the City Hall Tower, I didn’t get the change to do this but the views would probably be quite nice. Also, you can even have your wedding ceremony here!

Stockholm Town Hall

The Stockholm Concert Hall is where the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony is held and unfortunately I was only able to see it from the outside as it wasn’t open.

Jump to Oslo, Norway and there is the Nobel Peace Museum. What’s cool about this museum is that there’s the permanent exhibition but there’s also a changing exhibition which at the time was well laid-out. There’s a lovely museum store attached as well.

Last stop is the Oslo City Hall where the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony is held. Here it was tour free and you could wonder around as you please. In my opinion the Stockholm City Hall is a lot fancier but both are quite different in terms of interiors and are both worth checking out!

Have you been into any of these places associated with the Nobel Prize? Which was your favourite?

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