COVID19 pandemic: Thoughts on staying home and travel post pandemic

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all keeping well. I think I’ve revelled in all the current changes long enough and now to put finger to keyboard.

I’ve been wondering now what life will look like after this pandemic is over. Whenever that will be. I know of many people who are without work or have been asked to work less which has a significant impact on day to day life, life plans and wellbeing. Businesses are struggling and millions of people across the globe are wondering whether they will have jobs into the future.

And in particular, I am wondering what the world of travel will look like once this is over. With most countries closing their borders, I wonder if travel will actually become more difficult and become a lengthy process. Will the citizens of towns and cities even be open to accepting foreigners?
Will there be choices of small business cafes, boutique hotels and local resturants as there once were?
Can we all find the motivation and will to create art? Happiness? And all the beautiful things that we have had for so long?

I did have my period of time of complete distraction and wanting to find out every minute what was happening across the world. But I have stopped and tried to focus on staying well and healthy. I think it is what many people have now come to realise after being forced to remain at home.

I have been lucky enough to still have work and be able to work from home. This has brought on its own challenges but I’ve created a new routine of waking up early, doing some yoga and going for a walk before my working day begins. I’m also making sure that I enjoy the silence every morning and night.

I like how quiet it has become on the streets and how clean the air feels. I like that more people are outside walking and riding bikes.

What do you think will happen in the travel industry?

What new things have you added to your routine?

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