Exploring Berlin, Germany For A Few Days: What I Got Up To

Berlin, I’m still undecided how I feel about this city. On the one hand, you have the biggest fans who all announce that Berlin has so much to offer and there are so many things to do vs the nay sayers who downright dislike Berlin.

I guess you can’t spend time in Germany without checking out the capital after all, it holds so much history and provides a modern city where start-ups and small businesses can thrive.

Leopoldplatz local graffiti

I arrived via train at Berlin Central Station and my first thought was how bloody big the station was. I’ve never seen a 6 storey train station before! I met my sister and we got our public transport tickets and headed off to our Airbnb in the Leopoldplatz area. This was actually a very multicultural area and very family orientated area. After getting acquainted to the area, we headed off to see the East Side Gallery- murals on the wall that once divided east and west Berlin. We slowly walked almost the entire length of the wall and I really liked the political ones and thought that it was cool that it could still be displayed. We then stopped nearby for a quick dinner then headed back early.

The next day I headed out alone as my sister was unwell. I wondered downtown to take a free walking tour but arrived early so had enough time to find a bathroom. One of the things I hate about Europe is the fact that you have to pay to use the toilet everywhere! I went to one in a department store and felt completely cornered and hassled to pay whilst locals were just freely walking out.

Our walking tour took us to all the main sites, Museum Island, Gendarmenmarkt, Hitler’s bunker, Berlin Wall, Jewish Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie and the Brandanberg Gate. The city was really lively despite the gloomy weather. After the tour, I went back to the Jewish Memorial where I wanted to walk through the memorial as the floor is uneven and height of the blocks also not uniform and it’s suppose to be a very disorientating experience. Unfortunately, there were other adult tourists running and playing hide and seek amongst the memorial! I didn’t get my reflective moment as I had hoped. After the memorial, I went to the Typography of Terror which was more of a photography exhibit but I still thought the information and pictures provided were quite informative.

Berlin Cathedral

The next day we headed to the city centre and went to see the Reichstag building and Cathedral. We were just having a stroll before heading back to the Airbnb for lunch. In the afternoon, I went to the Berlin Hohenschönhausen Memorial which was formally a Stasi prison. It was just an ordinary factory/office looking building in suburbia but was actually a prison and interrogation camp. I went on a guided tour (most are former prisoners) and we were able to walk through some of the areas. It was eerie and uncomfortable. This place was left off maps so that no-one knew and psychological interrogation was widely used. Prisoners were transported in vans painted with fruits/vegetables so that no-one would suspect anything. If you are into modern history, this museum is a definite must visit. The guided tour is roughly 2 hours but I would have happily kept listening to more information for another 2 hours.

Prison cells in the Berlin Hohenschönhausen Memorial

The next day was Christmas Eve and we had predicted that many places would be closing early or already closed. First thing on our public holiday to do was iceskating! We went to Potsdamer to a rink there as we had seen it was free except for shoe hire. The rink was small but we went in anyway. Nothing like freezing cold crisp air hitting your face. We thought we’d had enough after 35 minutes and left to go into the mall for some browsing. My sister wanted to watch a movie but I was still keen on site seeing so we went off on our different activities. I went to the DDR museum which was interesting but perhaps more aimed at a younger audience. It was also packed but I think it was because it was one of the very few things open!

I had some time to spare so went to Starbucks (wouldn’t be my first choice but it was open) for a hot chocolate and people watching while I waited for my sister. Once we met up, we went to the Weihnachts ZauberChristmas market and had some gluwein and assorted pasta and cheese dishes. I love Christmas markets and the general festive vibe despite the cold.


On the final day in Berlin, it was Christmas Day. We took out time in the morning knowing that there wouldn’t be much open. We walked around the Hackescher Markt and then split up again for the afternoon. I went to the Stasi Museum. After having gone to the Prison, I was ready for another super museum but I was disappointed! It wasn’t as interesting- maybe if I had taken a guided tour? I did think the spyware in the 1960s were quite advanced for their time.

We met up again after our afternoon apart and headed back to the Airbnb to finish our food as we were leaving Berlin the next day.

Maybe I didn’t get enough time to see the alternative Berlin that I’ve heard so much about but maybe also this city is just not to my liking? Let me know your thoughts on Berlin- are you a fan or not and why?

Interested in reading more about my trip to Germany? I’ve written about visiting Hamburg and Cologne.

21 thoughts on “Exploring Berlin, Germany For A Few Days: What I Got Up To

    1. I know that my home-city is not always and everywhere comfortable, and winter is really a lousy and ugly time for a visit. And you have unfortunately not seen the attractive places, I mean not only culture and art of any kind, clubs, alternative places, subcultures or street-art. 40 % of the city is green with forests, lakes, rivers, parks or agriculture. You can do birdwatching here, wild animals are living even in the centre, people produce honey here, because for the bees the city is a very fine place. With my bike I need just 10 minutes to the huge city forest and can drive further to Havel river where it feels in summer like holidays. Therefore, I am living here.

      1. Lingo in Transit

        Yes, I don’t think I saw the side that everyone loves. Next time and maybe in the spring.

  1. Ahh I’m so sad you didn’t love Berlin. I’m from the UK but lived in Berlin for a while and absolutely adore it. I think winter is a bit of a ‘grey’ time to visit, so perhaps you didn’t see the best of it. If you ever return, I hope you have a better visit 🙂

    1. Lingo in Transit

      Yeah, I don’t think I saw the cool parts of town! I’m going to have to plan a European spring and summer trip next time.

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  4. I have been to Berlin several times and visited many of the same places. Winter is bitterly cold, but summer can be hot. I walked 18km in 35 degree heat a few years ago, but loved it. I did love the history and I wish I had time to go to the Stasi museum. It sounds intriguing especially after reading Anna Funder’ s book.

    1. I feel like I need to give Berlin another go but would rather see Bavaria next time. I can’t believe you walked so much in that heat! I’ve experienced a Spanish summers day and was not very comfortable outside. I’ve not heard of Anna Funder’s book but have just looked it up- going to add this to my reading list, thank you!

      1. Anna Funder writes well, Sophie and you should find her books in your local library.
        Yes I think you should Berlin another go, but definitely put Bavaria first on the agenda. I was in Bavaria in Winter so can’t comment on what summer would be like there. I can recommend a lovely hotel in Berlin though. If you like history, it was a beautiful old hotel with a balcony overlooking the street, sort of in the French style I guess. I felt like I had stepped back in time to the Weimar republic era, before the Naziis took over in Germany. It was the month of our election when I was there so I went to our embassy to vote. Another fun Berlin experience.

      2. I had a look- there is only 1 copy of the book and it’s also a Yr 12 text. It’s going to be hot property. I will head your advice! That hotel sounds interesting and beautiful. What was the name of the hotel?
        Oh voting while overseas would have been an interesting experience. Did it go smoothly?

      3. Once I found the imposing building that was totally unmarked, the voting experience was straightforward, but I had to go through loads of security. Embassies in Berlin have been the target of terrorist attacks in the past.

      4. Oh, that’s a shame. No kangaroo statue and flag out front. The last time my family and I were in Canberra, we did the drive around to see all the different building types of all the embassies.

  5. Personally, I love Berlin. It is such a very “alive” city.Yes its the capital but it offers more. From my experience, even locals pay 50 cents for going to a a public bathroom. It´s mainly for maintenance.I must say that public bathrooms here are far much better, even the ones in the Autobahn and train stations.You´ve seen quite of Berlin, so you had your impressions.I find the people more open, and not too conservative as here in Bavaria, the southern part of Germany.

    next time try to visit Berlin in summer of spring, it has a totally different charm. Tschüss!

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