First taste of Poland: Exploring Wroclaw

I wasn’t sure what to expect in my first town in Poland. We took the bus from Berlin and arrived by evening (5hr bus ride). You know when you’ve seen so many images of a place you know what is awaiting. This was not like that. First off, the name of the city is not pronounced at all like it’s written (vrots-wahf). Second of all, how are the universities in Europe so ornate and beautiful!?

Beautiful market square

We just stayed in walking distance to the Market Square and the main train station and it was easy to keep walking around. We couldn’t wait to sample the local cuisine and eagerly tried the delicious polish donut- pączki, zurek soup served in a big bread roll, stuffed cabbage and more pierogis during our few days in Wrocław. It was soon decided that we love polish cuisine and couldn’t wait to continue our travels to the other Polish towns on our itinerary.

The market square rivals some of the best that I have seen. Architecturally pleasing and vibrant colours. It was here that we discovered our first pierogi’s and spiced winter tea.
We also went to visit the the oldest part of the town- Ostrów Tumski- which is a short walk from the Market Square and via an island.

View from the Mathematical Tower at Wrocław University
University of Wrocław doors

With a ticket, you are able to visit parts of the university such as the Mathematical Tower and Aula Leopoldinum which is a baroque hall. And of course, admire their doors! We did a free old town walking tour and a WWII walking tour during our time in Wrocław which was great to get to see the main sites accompanied with explanations.

We also spent part of an afternoon at the Muzeum Pana Tadeusza which is located in the Market Square. It is a great museum on the Pan Tadeusza Poem written by Adam Mickiewicz, which is one of the key literary cultural masterpieces in Poland. There is also part of the museum which focuses on the key events around WWII and post-war period.

Stare Jatki- previously a meat market

If you have time, you might want to bookmark this map to find all the gnomes around the city. They are everywhere! These are not a gardener’s tongue in cheek but a tribute to an underground movement ‘Orange Alternative’ that use to protest (by painting gnomes) in response to the country’s communist rule.

Wrocław town hall

It’s not on the usual list of towns to visit in Poland (such as Krakow or Warsaw) but it’s such a quaint town (or at least the central part anyway) filled with so much charm.

Next stop, time to discover Krakow.

Have you been to Wroclaw and what did you think?

Prior to arriving in Poland, I was in Germany:
Exploring Berlin
Spending a few days in Cologne
Express visit in Hamburg

11 thoughts on “First taste of Poland: Exploring Wroclaw

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  2. Sophie, you are a woman after my own heart. Wroclaw is one of my favourite cities in Poland.
    Like you, I found Pilish cuisine fantastic and found paczki, bigos and all the mountain fermented cheese and pickles so delicious.
    A magical city. Like you I walked around the island and loved the town square.
    I wish I had been brave enough to catch a bus there. What route did it follow. Dud you happen to pass through the Sulechow- Zielona Gora area?

    1. Haha! It wasn’t even one of the places that I really wanted to see- it just happend to be an intermediary towns towards Krakow and Warsaw. But I really liked it, found some great places to eat and see things. I’m not sure what route this bus took as I had a nice nap! It was with the company Flixbus. Is the Sulechow- Zielona Gora area some place special?

      1. It is probably only special to me. My great great grandfather was born there and I suppose his family lived there although I cannot find any information on them. Did you visit Gdansk?

      2. Oh that’s so great that you still were about to find out where he was born. That’s a shame you haven’t been able to find anymore information on them and potentially found relatives. I have not, but that is top of my Poland list for next time. I’ve seen so many pictures and it looks amazing. Have you been?

  3. Beutiful! I have never been to Poland but it has been on my list for a long time. All the pictures made me think of a mix between Prague, Budapest (the metal statues and gnomes) and a bit or Austria as well! The market square seems gorgeous! Thanks for sharing – in these weird times at least we can travel through other blogger’s words and pictures!

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