First taste of Poland: Exploring Wroclaw

Lingo in Transit

I wasn’t sure what to expect in my first town in Poland. We took the bus from Berlin and arrived by evening (5hr bus ride). You know when you’ve seen so many images of a place you know what is awaiting. This was not like that. First off, the name of the city is not pronounced at all like it’s written (vrots-wahf). Second of all, how are the universities in Europe so ornate and beautiful!?

Beautiful market square

We just stayed in walking distance to the Market Square and the main train station and it was easy to keep walking around. We couldn’t wait to sample the local cuisine and eagerly tried the delicious polish donut- pączki, zurek soup served in a big bread roll, stuffed cabbage and more pierogis during our few days in Wrocław. It was soon decided that we love polish cuisine and couldn’t wait to continue…

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13 thoughts on “First taste of Poland: Exploring Wroclaw

  1. I’ve not visited Wroclaw, despite visiting much of the rest of Poland…so interesting that that’s how it’s pronounced! Poland has a soft spot in my heart, as I love the history, architecture, and the hearty food (I can’t say no to stuffed cabbage rolls)! Thanks for sharing your adventures in this Central European country!

    1. It wasn’t a town that was even on my radar. I just thought it’d be a nice transit town! I would say the same- it’s a country I would love to go back to the next time I’m in side of the world. Would you like to return there one day?

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