Day Trip To Bernal From Queretaro- Pueblos Magicos

This post is the next adventure on my Mexican trip. After having our day exploring Queretaro, the next day on our Mexico trip was a day trip to Bernal.

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We boarded our minibus to travel about 1 hour north east of Queretaro to a town called Bernal. Bernal is a small city with one of the largest monoliths in the whole world. Pena de Bernal, was formed in the Jurassic Period and is the major attraction of this town. Some say the monolith has a magical powers that can cure your ailments and this is evident in stores on your way to the entrance of the climb selling mineral rocks with what healing power they each have. If you need more love, luck, concentration or health- there is a mineral that can help with your woes.

We arrived at the base of Pena de Bernal. Here, was a winding upwards path leading to the entry of the hill of Pena de Bernal. Along the winding paths were stalls selling a variety of knick knacks with many selling different mineral rocks. Hiking was not an option for us today but I also decided to forego the walk up the hill of Pena de Bernal. Instead, I joined the others in our group at a nearby cafe enjoying the beautiful weather and a local mid morning alcoholic slushie (mid-morning, why not?). It was sunny but looking like it would be turn into a nice hot day.

Once our group had re-grouped, we made our way back to the bus and were then dropped off in the main city centre. It’s about a 1km walk into town but I guess our minibus needed to repark. Once in the city centre, we went to Centro Artesanal La Aurora in the main square. If you’re after hand crafted rugs, ponchos, jumpers or wall hangings, this is the place to be. We were fortunate enough to be able to head inside to the back where the workshops were to watch craftmens. I never feel like even looking at jumpers in summer so sadly did not have the heart to stick around to purchase anything though I would have loved to.

Centro Artesanal La Aurora
nopal relleno

We then had free time to explore the rest of the town. We had eyed these nopal relleno barbequing outside one of the restaurants which are a specialty in this region however they took a long to be served and we didn’t have enough free time! It is stuffed cactus paddles which would have been divine.

Instead, we wondered the streets snacking on food that we came across. We came across a small local artisan market, tiled buildings and a skeleton Frida Kahlo ready for pictures. Like the other towns in Mexico, Bernal was also filled with colour at every turn. There were many stores selling handicrafts, clothing and hats. We were also on the hunt for wafers that contained goat’s milk (leche de cabra) which are also a specialty in the Queretaro region.

We re-grouped at the end of our free time ready to head back to Queretaro. Next stop- San Miguel de Allende.

15 thoughts on “Day Trip To Bernal From Queretaro- Pueblos Magicos

    1. Thank you for reading. Bernal is a nice town to see if you’re in the area. Sadly not! This was from a trip last year which was only around central Mexico. I would love to return and go south to Yucatan- I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface.

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