Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Whilst Walking

I’m joining in this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge from Amanda’s blog.

I try to have a walk every day to get in my exercise as sitting all day in front of the computer doesn’t do anything for the waistline or shoulders. I take my phone on my walks, as you never know what you’ll find. As such, I’ve had a whole heap of photos taken recently. Two of the most important things in life are your health and mental health. A walk is just what the doctor orders.

I love walking in spring. The colour palette is so beautiful not to mention all the variety of flower shapes that can be seen. There’s a sweetness that lingers in the air and sometimes when the direction of the wind changes, you can smell nothing but.

I am a colour person. Some people like to dress in black often or muted earthly colours. I’m quite the opposite drawing my energy from bright colours. Something revitalising about it.

16 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Whilst Walking

  1. I take a lot of walks and often take pictures along the way. I really appreciate your shots of the weeds growing next to the wall. I’m going to be on the lookout for my own weed wall. 🙂

      1. Yesterday I put your idea into action Alison—sort of. I took a picture of flowers blooming next to a driveway. Normally, I wouldn’t have put much of the cement in the frame. This time, 2/3 of the shot was the gritty grey pavement. Thanks again.

  2. Beautiful 😍 I love to go on walks with the specific goal of taking pictures – I find that I am much more aware of all the beautiful thigns that surround me, things that I probably wouldn’t have noticed otherwise!

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