Juste Un Mot: Becoming

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I have recently read Michelle Obama’s biography Becoming. She shares her childhood, student years and entering and leaving the White House. What really struck me was her hard working ethics, open mindedness and just how down to earth she is. She is the first first lady’s story that I know and have read about and it was such a joy to read.

Becoming isn't about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. I see it instead as a forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously towards a better self. The journey doesn't end- Michelle Obama

Having finished her book recently, it is here in this headspace that I reflect on some of her departing words. In life, we tend to only celebrate the milestones. I think this is a little misguided. Milestones are often in youth and sparingly as we age.

What we should really be celebrating is us. Looking back at who we were and how far we have come in ourselves. Being able to drive your own path to where you want to be and who you want to be. Being able to tweak little things along the way and being open to what life has to offer.

I had life goals that I wanted to do this year but have not been possible due to the pandemic. I would say I felt a little disorientated after being thrown off course. It’s somewhat frustrating as I head into the years of ” buying a home, babies, career growth” that I have such a time pressure to accomplish my current goals before “settling down”. Possibly self inflicted (I am very good at putting pressure on myself). I’m still dreaming of waltzing across continents and exploring and am ready for when we can. But I remain in the same walls that I started my year in and haven’t really left!

After reading Michelle’s book, I stopped feeling so much anxiety and pressure surrounding my goals and am instead, thinking about how I can still achieve and work towards some of my goals in other ways as we sit tight in current pandemic. I’ve continued blogging and trying out different types of blog posts. I’m still trying to learn French (and not so much Spanish this year) am continuing to try and consume information that makes me think better or be a better person. I’ve tried to go for walks almost every day and optimise my sleep routine. I’ve even started my own etsy store selling handmade earrings!

My Etsy Store

So here is a reminder to us all to focus on each of our own personal journey’s. To become the best version of yourself and to remember that even if we can’t do much this year, there is still the option of learning. Learning whatever you may want to better yourself, your brain, your compassion, your knowledge, your body.

What have you been learning this year?

6 thoughts on “Juste Un Mot: Becoming

  1. Fantastic that you have worked on building towards your goals when stymed by the current epidemic. Michelle Obama is an excellent role model. No scandals lurking there.
    Good on you also for starting your own etsy store. How do you find it?

    1. Moving forward is the only way in life. It’s easy to use but there is a listing fee per item and shipping fee if shipping is paid seperately. Seems ok to just start out. Not sure what the algorithms are like though and whether new sellers are even seen in the marketplace when someone is searching.

  2. I absolutely support your call to celebrate ourselves each day! That’s pretty much our family motto – any chance to celebrate, every chance to have a party! even in this time of craziness, we try to do this in our household.

    Congratulations on starting your Etsy store. How is that going for you?

    Here’s to the journey towards the best versions of ourselves!

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