Blogmas 2020- Day 15: Christmas Flavours

Welcome to Day 15 of Blogmas (and December, what??). Are you a fan of Christmas flavours? The cinnamon, cloves and candied fruits?

Nothing excites me more than seeing the Christmas decorations go up at the shopping centres in November. This means that the shelves will soon have panettone, stollen and fruit cake. I’m just a huge fan of Christmas flavours and despite not having a white Christmas, I associate these smells and tastes with being cosy, Christmas trees and festivities.

I never grew up with winter or Christmas teas aside from your standard black, green and white teas flavoured. I was pleasantly surprised on a winter trip to Poland that I began noticing and ordering hot winter tea’s to have with my meals. I got transported to this land of sweetness, warmth and a belly full of contentment with these fruity teas. One particular tea that I fondly remember was an earl grey, orange slices with cloves stuck into it and candied ginger. I must remember to make this more often in winter.

Last year, I discovered this Advent Christmas tea from Gewurzhaus (this is not a sponsored post), a spices and tea speciality store in The Strand in Sydney. It smells like a light melange of citrus and spices- not too sweet and not too spicy. It’s got the flavours of cinnamon, apples, raisins, cloves, rooibos, hibiscus (just to name a few). It’s quite expensive compared to the teas you get at the supermarket but this tea is only available at Christmas which seems more justifiable to me to purchase it. The best part is that it’s a fruit tea and can be drank all day around without any consequences.

I’ve had it lately brewed with hot water but have tried it last year chilled as a summer tea and well as in alcoholic drinks for that something something. Also on the website is a recipe mixing the tea with apple juice and gelatine to make jelly.

Do you have a recipe for a Christmas tea that you could share? Are you fond of any Christmas flavours and treats that you make at this time of the year?

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7 thoughts on “Blogmas 2020- Day 15: Christmas Flavours

  1. I, too, get very excited when decorations make their way onto our shopping streets! I am a sucker for the lights, music and in fact, most (I think I can do without the crushing crowds) things Christmas.

    Christmas flavours are also evocative for me; like you, I grew up with tropical Christmases. I only had a Christmas tree of my own when I went to school in Texas. I love the smells of pine, mulled wines, cinnamon baked goods (of any sort), and those make me feel in the season.

    I’m afraid I don’t do flavoured tea though, so I can’t offer you any recipes from my kitchen on that front.

  2. Oh, now I really want to drink a “Christmasy” tea! I finished mine the other day: it was green tea and caramelized apples and cinnamon.. delicious! But the one you talked about sounds absolutely fantastic too! I love being in a festive mood and of course food and drinks play a huge part in this! I am especially fond of warm scents like cinnamon and spices ☺️ Thanks for this super festive and delicious post!

      1. Yes, it’s usually black tea, but that one was great with green tea, so sad that I ran out! Thank you and I wish you too a very happy holiday season 😊

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