Blogmas 2020- Day 19: Newness

When was the last time you consciously did something new?

New hairstyle, new clothing combinations, new cafe, new way of thinking or new walking path?

If you’re like me and have been home much of the year, routine got the better of me. I wore much the same things day in and day out. I rarely did my hair and much less used any make up. I took the same route on my walk and I did the same thing after work. I still tried a new recipe every now and then but my days and weeks soon all started to look the same and I was spiraling into a land of no motivation. It didn’t help with the whole 2020 thing and spending more time indoors.

While there is much talk that routines are good for you to achieve goals and to leave your brain on auto-pilot, it is equally as important to bring in the new. It shakes things up, can increase excitment and happiness and it’s just less boring!

This is what I love so much about travelling. Everything is new, there is so much to see and it makes me finally feel like I am actually living (and not staring at a screen all day pushing buttons on a keyboard) and not just making a living (but not actually living).

I found some pictures of me holding new things that I tried on my travels and have included them here.

It’s time to do something new.

6 thoughts on “Blogmas 2020- Day 19: Newness

  1. #3 looks so good. I agree it is great to keep up the spontaneous fun of doing new things. When we were in the height of Covid restrictions, I began making sourdough bread. Along with a lot of other people. Wholemeal flour became hard to come by.

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