Friendly Friday: Something Different

The Friendly Friday Challenge is now a fortnightly challenge co-hosted by Amanda from Something to Ponder About and Sandy from The Sandy Chronicles.

Different often has a bad undertone to it. It’s almost disapproving. How dare it be something different! That cannot possibly be. It doesn’t fit my understanding of the world and my stereotypes and I am angry for that and WILL NOT ACCEPT IT.

But difference is where we find new ideas, new inspirations and new friends. Here, it is where the small pleasure lie and where dreams start and get infinitely bigger. It changes how we see the world and the view from which we see the world. I’ve found a handful of photos to share that I thought found the different in life. While writing this, I’ve just realised that these photos were taken of things that weren’t at eye level.

Different hidden in plain sight but not where you were looking.

Cactus growing from the roof- Mexico
Rolling pin decor- Australia
A shelf full of beautiful door knobs- Australia
Llamas and alpacas roaming the hotel grounds- Peru
Tiny sombrero on the street- Mexico
Pot plants on rooftops- Mexico

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15 thoughts on “Friendly Friday: Something Different

  1. Glad to have you join the Challenge. You’re right, different perspectives are not always welcome but it’s the differences that catch our eye and make everything more interesting. Love your photo of llamas in Peru – surely not something we see everyday 🙂

  2. I think the word “different” is taking on a new meaning these days, especially since the advent of social media, where many users want to stand out and be unique to attract followers/friends/fame. As a result, spaces in art, architecture, food, music, fashion…are affected in creating bold, colorful, quirky products as means of expressing individualism. It’s a direct response to conformity, which had been the norm in the mid-20th century during the Cold War, and I think it’s refreshing to see it today. 🙂

  3. Different is good! Same is predicatable, safe and controllable, but different often reveals things when we dare to step outside our safe limits.
    You have done so well to find some excellent photos, so pertinent to the theme, Sophie. I thought the rolling pin decor was a fixed metal blind at first. Where did you see that?

  4. I like the drawer knobs
    I often seen opportunities for photos like this but hesitate if I’m with someone as they’ll invariably say why are you taking photos of drawer knobs!

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