Top 10 Easy Self Care Ideas For Wellbeing

Self care to me is about bettering myself. Working towards my goals and feeling good within myself. I always make sure that I try to spend as much of my time as possible working on hobbies and activities that will make the tomorrow me better off and also recharges me. I think I have always been head strong on this matter leading myself to put my foot down when I get invited to things that I don’t really care for. Throwback to my younger 20s when I told my friends to stop inviting me to go clubbing with them because I would rather be asleep (oh yes, I did that). Here is my top 10 list.

Photo by Rebecca Cairns on Unsplash
  1. Have a hot beverage
    There is something so comforting about having a hot drink. I’m not sure if it’s because your body loves being at it’s 37.5C or it sits well in your stomach. If you follow Ayurveda medicine, hot drinks are recommended throughout the day to assist circulation and hydration and if you follow Chinese medicine, hot drinks are suppose to restore balance in your body. I’m not sure of the western science behind this, but I’m keeping my tea breaks.
  2. Yoga
    I’m no expert yogi but I do like to start and end my days with some yoga stretches. It’s great to actually breathe and also feel your body rather than be in odd seated positions all day. Maybe you have gained some bad habits of sitting or standing and a great way to realign is to relax all your joints (including your clenched jaw!) and lie on the floor. Yoga and stretching promotes mobility and blood flow so do yourself a favor and get stretching.
  3. Go for a walk
    The research that being out in nature is good for you is irrefutable. Great for circulation, getting fresh air and a healthy dose of vitamin C. Without your health, you won’t be able to do anything so if you’re wanting to get more active, going for walks is a great and free place to start. Walking as been my go to activity during the pandemic and something I look forward to after my working day.
  4. Soak your feet
    This is especially good for cold and gloomy days or if you’ve been on your feet for a long period of time. If you’re someone who suffers from cold feet more often than not, this could be a great way to warm up. Add some epsom salt or essential oils if you want and soak for a little while. You might go the whole deal and give your feet some much needed scrub followed by a rich cream.
Photo by Rune Enstad on Unsplash

5. Read a book
Journey to make belief places or learn something completely new. There is something revitising about getting away from all the tech, finding a comfortable place and to be with yourself, someone else’s thoughts and quietness for a while. Perhaps spend some time in a library surrounded by other like-minded people.

6. Connect with friends and/or family
It is no secret that the pandemic has been hard for everyone across the globe. In particular, there has been a lot of research into loneliness and recently, Japan has appointed a Minister of Loneliness. Mental health has been on the steady increase in the past decade with it still being taboo in some places. There has been greater awareness in reaching out to others to feel connected, talk and support each other. Reach out to friends and family for your dose of social connectivity. Not only will you probably share a laugh and information but you’ll be helping each other’s mental health in the process.

7. Listen to music from a different country
Introduce some new tunes to your place to change the mood. Travel across the world without needing to actually leave your home. You might discover your new favourite artist or playlists. Perhaps the music will evoke some happy memories or get you dancing around. Or if you’re going to be more spiritual about it- let the music stir your soul.

8. Put out a scent
Another way to change up the mood is by lighting a candle, have a diffuser on or clean with essential oils. Breathe deeply, relax and admire the beautiful scents.

Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

9. Inversion
How often is it that we stay upright for most of our day? Yet when we were kids, we spent our time rolling around and tumbling on the floor. Another favourite after a long day of walking, or just a long day is to lie on the floor and prop your legs up against the wall. I particularly like doing this after flying to get the legs feeling alive again.

10. Work on your goals
What better way to self care than to actually work on your goals? This could be such a variety of things like starting a new sport, writing, working on your business idea, learning to cook more meals, changing careers or learning about X. Create some time to focus on and work on your goals.

What are some of your favourite self care activities?

10 thoughts on “Top 10 Easy Self Care Ideas For Wellbeing

  1. I’m all for having a hot beverage and a long walk! As I’m getting older, I’ve found myself preferring hot drinks, and I’ve stayed away from cold ones, for some reason. Perhaps it’s due to improving body circulation by having hot beverages, but in any case, I find hot tea, hot coffee, even hot water, to be my drinks of choice. A long walk or hike is always much-appreciated, too, to warm up the muscles and to get fresh air (as I’m stuck at a desk job for most of the week). I’d also add a nice food treat (e.g. dessert, Indian food…) and a glass of wine to the mix!

    1. I am the same! i use to really like milkshakes but all I want now is a hot drink. I also am stuck at a desk job and have at the back of my mind all that research that shows how bad it is for our bodies. Great additions of self care!

  2. I do so many of these things as well. Most evenings I like to light some candles. Not only do I enjoy the scent but I also like the ambience. Running has helped me keep my sanity during the pandemic but long walks with my dog have also been nice.

    1. Oh that’s a good one- ambience. I also like the ambience from candles and floor lamps. Oh I get so much envy when I’m on my walks and I see the dogs at the dog park running around. I just want to play with all of them. I hope you still get to go for your runs and walks now.

  3. It’s so nice of you to put “Have a hot beverage” in the very first of the 10 things☺️ Also, I’m happy to find we’re doing the same thing…I also told my friends stop inviting me to bars, because I need more time to sleep. (In addition, I prefer having hot teas rather than drinking alcohol)
    Though it is sometimes tough, refusing invitation is needed to care ourselves.

    1. I’m happy to find someone else who does it too! It is tough but time is becoming more important to me and I feel less guilty now to be able to work on my hobbies or things I need to do instead.

  4. Love this post, it has many great ideas, some of which you wouldn’t automatically think of! To me, self care is all about the “senses”: wrapping up in something cosy/comfortable, having a nice scent, drinking a warm beverage/tasty yet nourishing snack, good music, etc. I think for me the key for this is to do it with intention, staying in the moment and slowing down, while reading a book for instance!

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