Environmentally Friendly Swaps That I Like (And Those I Don’t)

Whilst slowly (very slowly) trying to make better swaps for the existing items that I’m using, I wanted to summarise where I’m currently at and what I’ve been really liking and what hasn’t worked. I feel that there is overwhelming pressure to like environmentally friendly products and this guilt for not using or buying these products. Plus not to mention all those glass pasta sauce jars that I can’t fit in my drawer anymore and feel bad about recycling because who really knows if they are actually being recycled.


  • Toxin (ish) free deodorents.

The QV one is aluminium free and fragrance free but while I like it, I don’t love it so won’t be repurchasing. Plus, it’s in a plastic roller bottle. I’m really liking the No Pong, an Australian natural brand that is bicarb based. It comes in these cute reuseable tins and can be bought in a pack. I still sweat in these but I’m now thinking sweat glands were made to sweat.

  • Wooden toothbrush

I actually got this one at the local supermarket now that they finally stock them (thank you Colgate). They are price friendly and do the job. I find price point fairly important in influencing me to make the swap. The downside of these is that they can’t stand in a traditional toothbrush holder as the handle will get mouldy so instead, I need to dry it flat.

  • Re-usable water bottle
Photo by Luis Quintero on Unsplash

I always carry one in my bag everywhere and have used my current so much that the picture on the bottle has now completely rubbed off. After going through a handful of bottles, I’ve got a very good idea of what I want in a bottle.

Things that I look for in a reusable bottle:
Size. Not too big and not too small.
Neck. The neck of the bottle must be big enough to get a sponge and water bottle brush cleaner in. This is a non negotiable for me. There are too many that don’t fit this criteria which makes washing so hard.
Material. I want a glass one but haven’t found one yet that meets all the boxes. I know many plastics are cleaner now than they use to be but I think I still would prefer the idea of drinking from a glass bottle.


  • Beeswax wraps

I’ve tried these wraps but don’t find them very user friendly. They don’t cling to the bowls so more often than not, I place it flat on the bowl and forget about even trying to wrap the bowl. I can’t see what is inside and whatever is under it tends to just stay hidden in the fridge for too long. Now, I’m trying to just keep food in tupperware containers instead and still have cling wrap on hand.

  • Shampoo bars
Photo by FitNish Media on Unsplash

I’ve tried and not liked shampoo bars. I find them very fiddly to use and don’t have the room really to host more bars in the shower. It might also be that particular formulation but I don’t like what it does to my hair and how my hair is post shower. For the moment, still sticking to bottled shampoo and conditioner.

What are some environmentally friendly swaps that have worked for you and what ones haven’t?

11 thoughts on “Environmentally Friendly Swaps That I Like (And Those I Don’t)

  1. Most shampoo bars that I tried didn’t work for me – either. I’m trying a natural shampoo that comes in a glass bottle now – hope that works.

    Beeswax paper – uhm I’m guessing it is that particular brand that didn’t work. Also, you can make them by yourself at home – just a FYI. 🙈

    1. A lot of comments about shampoo bars not working for others either. I don’t think I’ve seen any in glass bottles here- I’ll keep an eye out. A lot of brands seem to be changing to recyclable bottles now which is great.

      Maybe! Maybe it needs another beeswax top up.

  2. I know how you feel I do try and be more eco friendly but doesn’t always work. I still like my shampoo and conditioner. I’ve swapped a lot of cleaning products and actually like the plant based ones better. I always check to see if they are made in Australia. I do use my rubber lids instead of cling film I should buy more. I should try harder!

    1. We’re always our hardest critic Alison! I’m also in the process of using up my different cleaning products. Have found water, vinegar and washing detergent to be my new go to cleaner.

  3. I just recently tried shampoo bars, and it’s a definite no for me. I really didn’t like how my hair felt afterwards – not the softness I’m typically looking for and the next day, it seems that my hair is already dirty.

    I’ve multiple re-usable water bottles and I always feel very guilty when I’m forced to buy water because either I forgot mine at home, or simply forgot to refill it.
    I’m also using a compostable toothbrush – as you said, it does the job for me!

    I always have tote bags for my grocery shopping. I also started using reusable makeup removable pads, and that is actually working really well for me! Finally, I have gotten myself some nice metal straws and will start carrying them with me when I start going back to social life 🙂

  4. For me, the deodorant has been the hardest swap, and I have yet to find a “clean” deodorant that works for me. For shampoo bars, I actually made my own (following a recipe) that I love! It’s super efficient and also I don’t need to wash my hair as often, somehow! However, the one that I have had for the longest time is probably my reusable water bottle – I carry it everywhere and it is has served me for more than 5 years now! 😊

    1. It’s a lot of trial and error in finding clean swaps that you like! That’s so great that you make your own shampoo bars. Does it take a long time to make? The trusty water bottle is such a great long term swap (plus coffee cups).

      1. The shampoo bars take like 10 minutes to make and they are really amazing! Even though I still use some (clean) bottled shampoos, I will keep making the shampoo bars as they are also great for travelling!

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