Home Again Extended

We’ve been in lockdown for about 1 month now and this week, it was extended again for another month.

I’m finding it hard to keep inspired and motivated and just feel like I’m on an endless loop of working, sleeping and cooking. Luckily, the weather has been outstanding this past week and even warm which has got me thinking about spring cleaning.

The past month has been as fruitful as I had expected. Some of my highlights include:

  • Having a Harry Potter movie marathon
  • Going to the post office
  • Getting excited about the Olympics for 24 hours
  • Losing my Duolingo streak at Day 121 after forgetting to practise (I needed 125 days for my next medal!)
  • Completed 32/624 sudoku puzzles from the puzzle book
  • Tried an awesome butter chicken receipe that tasted delicious
  • Becoming a fan of the kpop group BTS

I think perhaps these feelings might be felt across the world at the present time. Especially for those countries going through another wave. But it is now where I turn to the arts world more than ever. Maybe because it’s another form of expression that just knows how to connect with us in dark times, more than words.

I think this is where I will find peace and solace for the time being. And dream alittle again.

This has got to be one of the best pieces of music I have heard in a while. So sharing it here.

6 thoughts on “Home Again Extended

  1. Coming from the other side of the Pacific Ocean, I still forget that countries like Australia are still under strict lockdown, as well as parts of Asia. I think it’s a good decision, especially now with the Delta variant sweeping such countries who’ve decided to relax their restrictions in favor for “normalcy” again, although I personally believe that it’s too premature to do so. I love traveling, but I get very conflicted feelings when I see my peers now freely traveling, especially internationally to countries which might not have the majority of people vaccinated (e.g. Greece). I personally will not be traveling until 2022, but even then, I’ll still have to play by ear and see just how much better (or worse) the situation is globally. Stay safe!

    1. Hoping we can by 2022! Right now it feels like we’ll be saying 2023 soon. I am hearing of more countries in Asia going into lockdown again. Also not comforting that those countries which are heavily vaccinated are also going into lockdown again too. Thank you! Hope you stay safe as well.

  2. I think the Olympics have given lots of people something to do during lockdowns! My parents are mad for it normally but even they seem to be more into it than usual. Now that the Olympics are over and they are still in lockdown you’ve reminded me to give them a call! 😉

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