Friendly Friday Challenge: Purple

In the latest Friendly Friday Challenge from Sandy, purple is the subject to be thinking about.

To be completely honest, of all the colours, purple is not a colour I think much about. I had always thought of purple as an “artificial” colour which also seldom occurs in nature (not true, there are many purple flowers). The purple colour is associated with royalty and I was fascinated to learn why. That the colour came from sea snails that you needed to have alot of (and kill) as well as time in order to obtain the purple.

Nowdays, purple can be artificially made of course.

I began searching through my phone for purple pictures and have found a few from my trip in Mexico. Purple and shades of it appeared again and again in different towns.

6 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Challenge: Purple

  1. Purple is such a rich color, with all sorts of shades from subtle lavender to deep tones of wine. Your photos of the color in Mexico really pop out; in which city/cities did you see these places? Give that I haven’t seen much of the country, I’d like to return and check out more!

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