5 Things I No Longer Buy- Minimalism Journey

On my journey through minimalism and having enough, I’ve examined what items bring me the best value for money and what adds to my life. This process has been changed and refined over time and is deeply personal to each and every one of us.

I’ve recently been thinking about how my purchases have changed and so, here are 5 things that I no longer buy.

  1. Fresh flowers

I love flowers and I did use to “treat myself” to fresh flowers when I started working full time. They were lovely and gave my room a little something something but fresh flowers can be expensive. These days, I’m looking after my indoor plants and sprouted avocado seeds.

Photo by Nicole Herrero on Unsplash

2. Back up items

I use to buy 2 or 3 back up items of skin care products, make up or socks. Skin care products I would end up using but for make up, I just had too many that I wouldn’t get around to using for a long time. By the time I got around to using it, there were more advanced products available on the market or I decided that I wanted to keep using the product that I was initially using and not wanting to try something new. Back in the day when I first started my corporate job, I bought a stash of stockings as they always seem to get holes in them quickly. Since then, I had also changed my style so I didn’t need stockings anymore. But here I am with 3 pairs as back up.
Now, I will only buy 1 back up item and will only get it if my current one is about to run out.

3. Magazines

These were such a treat and I use to look through them multiple times to ensure I read up every single letter on those pages. Nowadays, many of the articles can be found online as well as email newsletters and style guides. I now only have 1 magazine that I like (shoutout to Monocole Magazine) which I might get from time to time but not regularly. The magazine is quite large so it keeps me occupied for a very long time.

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

4. Books

I use to dream of having a massive library in my future unaffordable house. One with multiple shelves, comfortable chairs and ladders. But considering how many books I read more than once, I’ve come to realise that this Beauty and the Beast dream was just a fairytale for me. Books can be expensive and for a buy and read once, I’ve come to realise that the actual library is a better resource. I still do buy the occasional book if it’s something that I really really want to read and cannot get it at the local library or 2nd hand but it has been such a big mind shift change for me.

5. Nail Polish

I use to love the look of nail polish in muted pinks or dark reds but as I am lazy fussed when it starts chipping, I’ve found keeping up my nail polish too bothersome. The nail polish would chip off a day after application and I didn’t want to spend more time redo-ing them, looking for nail polish colours or products so I have stopped all together.

Photo by Dan-Cristian Pădureț on Unsplash

What are some of the things in life that you have stopped purchasing?

18 thoughts on “5 Things I No Longer Buy- Minimalism Journey

  1. It would be hard for me to give up books. However, I make it a rule not to buy them in advance, but only when the previous ones are finished. Depending on the time, I may have 2 or 3 books on the go at any one time.

  2. Gah, I can get behind #2, especially for me, it’s paper and pens. Whenever I find a good combo, I tend to want to get tons of them, and that actually clutters my mind. Anyway, thanks for this post!

  3. I am in the same boat. Years ago I sold off my huge collection of books, magazines, CDs and DVDs having kept just a few rare items. Everything can be kept in digital form these days. Which makes our nomadic existence easier and richer.

  4. I agree with you on all counts. Some things just fall by the wayside as we move through different life stages. Especially we could all do without false nails or nail polish, but it is a nice treat occasionally. Regarding the magazines, it reminds me of that sunscreen song, do not read women’s magazines, as they will make you feel ugly! I tend to buy home based magazines so maybe they make my home feel ugly! LOL.

    1. Haha! As a short nails girl, I will agree with false nails too! I don’t know of this sunscreens song, what is it? They speak the truth about women’s magazines- I haven’t touched one in ages.

      1. Google Bar Lehman The sunscreen song and it should come up on youtube! It is inspirational. A school principal speaking to his graduate class with worldly advice.

      2. Ohhh! That is too funny, I was sent this by a friend a week or so ago. I just remembered the title being Everybody’s free (and was expecting to hear that song somewhere in the video). Such wise words.

  5. I’m going through something similar – my issues have always been clothing and books or magazines. With clothes, I’m definitely a lot better, also because I have matured and I know what is my style now and I’m now a more conscious buyer. When it comes to books though… still hard for me. A room is cosier if it’s full of books, I feel almost empty without seeing shelves full of books. However, I do often donate them especially if I didn’t like them much, and I’ve also invested on a e-reader which hopefully will help me reduce the number of physical books I end up buying!

    1. I am the same, clothes are easier to get rid of once your tastes change and I think you just naturally become pickier once you want to consume better. I’ve been thinking if an e-reader! But am not convinced, I go to the library often for those books I just want to read once.

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