5 Things I’m No Longer Doing in 2022

From thinking of my habits that I want to keep in 2022, I started to think if there was anything that I was doing in 2021 or previously that I need to change. It’s a lot harder because habits tend to die hard and maybe I do get a little defensive if I start questioning what I normally do. But, in order to try out new ways and maybe better ways of thinking and living, I will give this a go this year.

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1. Stop reading books that are a struggle
To past me, there is just something offensive about starting a book and not finishing it. I have always tried to push through to honour the book and author because I might as well, if I had already started. I don’t really skim read either. But I recently came across a quote said:

I don’t believe in delayed gratification when there are an infinite number of books out there to read. There are so many great books.

Naval Ravikant

Reflecting on this, it’s true. I won’t be able to read all the books I want to read in my lifetime so I need to be selective. Firstly by selecting of the books I want to read, which ones should I prioritise? I’m also going to skim more books that can be skimmed so I can take away the message of the book without having to read it cover to cover (already did this for my first book of 2022). And I’m going to stop reading books that don’t capture my attention. Reading should be pleasurable so I’m going to try and keep it this way.

2. Feel bad about spending money on things that invest in myself
I think this one will be hard initially. You may have previously read about how I don’t purchase books anymore that I only intend on reading once. Of course, some books aren’t easy to find in libraries or 2nd hand book stores so there are times when you would need to purchase a book not knowing whether you will like it or not. Cue, my overthinking brain trying to justify whether I should buy or not. Of the 5/6 books that I’ve purchased and read in 2021, in hindsight, I’ve considered them valuable beyond money. They’ve really changed the way I’ve thought about life, money and learning that I would otherwise be none the wiser without. This goes for experiences, food and courses as well.

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3. Stop delaying
These panini times have really made so many of us reflect. For me, I realised that there were things that I wanted to do 10 years ago that I never did, forgot about and then only in lockdowns remembered (and then I couldn’t do them). I think when inspiration strikes, it’s time to take action. We will change as we live out more years but time doesn’t wait and so when the opportunity and ideas happen, it’s best to ride that wave and make it happen. There will be new ideas and inspirations later down the track that will take up their own time.

4. Feeling like I need to consume online
I previously wrote about how I had logged off Instagram during this summer break. It’s been quite a head clearing accidently exercise. I don’t spend any time scrolling reels most of which is pointless although some informative. I just wanted to follow the people I wanted to follow but this soon blew to about 500 accounts that I was following. Let’s face it, I don’t have time to keep up with 500 accounts. It became clutter for my mind. During the holidays, I’ve also unsubscribed from a few emails that I was no longer interested in receiving. Similarly, I took a break from watching my favourite youtubers and also unsubscribed to a few who’s videos I didn’t watch anyway.

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I had intentions of following just the people I wanted to follow but somehow this ballooned quickly once I got alittle too subscribe or follow happy. Maybe I will go back and curate my accounts abit more but I’ll do that later.

I wonder if this will make a difference in my inner narrative of “I don’t have time” to I actually do have time. Maybe now, I can even blog more, read more, exercise more or learn more.

5. Saving the goods things for another time
In my cleaning adventures, I came across some gifted pens. The ones that you can reuse if you change the pen refill. I remember when I first got one, it was like I was holding a trophy. The heaviness, the width making it so comfortable to hold and the shininess. So of course, I stashed it in my drawer and didn’t use it. I recently refound it and have placed it on my table. What’s the point of having things you aren’t going to use?

Is there anything that you are no longer going to be doing in 2022?

8 thoughts on “5 Things I’m No Longer Doing in 2022

  1. Gah, I really need to stop consuming so much online content. It really is a drain on the psyche, so yeah, I should add that to my 2022 list. And stopping books I don’t enjoy is another one. Anyway, thanks for this post!

  2. Seems like a lot of these points are a way to detox, to remove toxic habits and traits that can take a toll on you in the long run. Similarly, I am a firm believer in only buying books that I know I’ll read more than once, i.e. ones I truly love, after making a few mistakes of buying an attractive-looking cover and being disappointed in the content inside. Props to you for logging off Instagram for so long: I still use it regularly, and I can see how using too much of it can be toxic (not to forget extremely addictive). It’s something I’m trying to curb, to limit the time spent mindlessly scrolling the Feed and to be more present in my daily activities. You have some solid goals to work on for this year!

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