5 Lessons I’ve Learnt In Lockdown

This seems like such a cliche blog post but I’m going to write it anyway. After much introspection from our most recent over 100 days in lockdown and the others starting in 2020 that have occurred, I’ve rounded up my 5 lessons that I’ve learnt from being in lockdown. Possibly as a way in my mind to say goodbye to these times and look towards a better 2022.

So cheers, to all of us for making it through these past 2 years. Some of us might be barely hanging on, happily returning to normal, going back into lockdowns or have chosen to remain oblivious to it all. Whichever way, I hope that a new spring day is around the corner for all of us.

Photo by Agê Barros on Unsplash

1. Time does not stop
It might seem obvious but as much as I felt life stop, time did not. We did another trip or 2 around the sun and our cells have registered another year passing. We’re each given our 24 hours and it’s very much the case of use it, lose it or revel in it? It was really frustrating to see days pass but not quite get to do all the activities that we wanted to or perhaps it was just harder with more hurdles to do. Some of us perhaps changed goals or took on hobbies again now that we finally had more time and because we had to. But perhaps you were also languishing, I was too. It was a good reminder that time is precious and not guaranteed, that our usual activities should not be taken for granted and you should probably do that thing that you’ve been wanting to do for a while.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

2. Life is about human connection
It was hard being separated from friends and family and was so important to remain connected despite not being able to see other. Perhaps you, like I, turned to the arts to enjoy the fruits of human thought and creation. I started reading heavily again which is something I had not really done in the past few years. I turned to online courses to learn languages and culture. I rediscovered my love for music, painted and even read up on some artist’s life. Is the meaning of life human connection?

3. Physical and mental health is most important
One thing that shouldn’t ever be taken for granted, is our health. Turns out mental health also requires some TLC (tender loving care) too and home workouts became a thing. I read a meme in 2020 that stated you could come out of lockdown: a hunk, a chunk or a drunk. So I obviously picked a drunk a hunk. I included a walk every day and think honestly, this is probably the most fit I have been in a long time. Mental health wise, I liked the stillness that came with lockdowns and no expectations to be anywhere. It was time to slow down, a change of pace and more cause for introspection.

Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

4. Hack your environment
In keeping with coming out of lockdown as a hunk, one of the first things I did was stop buying snacks. There’s nothing more easy than working from home, getting bored and then going to find some snacks multiple times a day. It was time for that spring clean that never happend and a chance to think about our wardrobes. Home renovations was apparently one of the top activities here in 2020 (and to keep the economy afloat). I had many a minimalism epiphanies during lockdown. So hacking your environment to meet your goals was something I really took away from being in lockdown.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

5. Resilience
It was challenging times, a lot of people lost loved ones, their jobs, had to work even more, had to homeschool kids, were cut off socially or have a difficult living arrangement. It’s easy to pass it off as other people had it harder, but we all struggled one way or another. I think it’s important to realise and actually commend ourselves. They were not normal times and despite it all- you’re still hear today- maybe alittle battered, hair blown in the wrong direction or have your clothes on back to front but you did it.

What did you learn from lockdowns?

10 thoughts on “5 Lessons I’ve Learnt In Lockdown

  1. Great post, some refreshing insights on a topic which is swiftly getting old! My city was fortunate to have very few lockdown periods comparatively (I’m also in Aus) but I still struggled with having to reinvent my daily routines each time in response.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. Oh lucky! Everything changed so quickly for all the different states, it was so hard to keep up. Hopefully we will be smooth sailing or at least for a little while now.

  2. I especially feel you with #2: even though I’m intensely introverted and have periods where I could go days without needing to see/talk to another person, I also realize that I also need human interaction in order to feel less alone and unhappy. I’m glad that I live with a loved one and have kind and supportive friends and coworkers who are only a drive or call away. As for #1, time really seemed to have sped up during the pandemic– perhaps it’s because I’m getting older, but it really does feel as if it was only 2019 just a few months ago. Crazy how COVID-19 has warped our perception of time!

    1. It was so important to reach out and to also reach out to those close to us to check in on them. I’m afraid that I’ll just feel behind in life because of #1 and will be living to make up for lost time. I can just imagine collapsing from exhaustion haha

  3. Oh yeah, physical and mental—the self, basically—health should always be the priority. I can’t stress enough how much exercise and a proper diet has helped me deal with life. Great stuff here. Thanks for this post!

  4. Great post and great lessons. I think the fourth one is one that I have yet to learn, as I am constantly snacking when working from home 😂 I think that the different lockdowns really made me realise the importance of spending quality time with loved ones and of “deep” connection. I have also realised how important moving actually is for my body and mind, and even though I might not be super fit, I don’t think I’ve ever worked out as much ahah!

    1. I’m still trying to figure out deep connection and want to work on this. I feel like as we get older, people have less time for deep and meaningful conversations. I think we all found more time to work out!

  5. I like #2 “Life is about Human Connection,” for me, the most difficult thing during lockdown was not being able to travel and visit family and friends. I live far away from my extended family, usually have to travel by air to go see them, so not being able to do this, was difficult.

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